Forum Announcement: Friday Update - Kalypso games on sale, Steam-Update-Wave and more!
This week we have news about updates to Railway Empire Beta, Dungeons 3 getting Community-requested features in a huge free update, Sudden Strike 4 also received a small update, many Kalypso-games on Sale in the Kalypso Shop and Steam Winter Sale and 2018 is coming close!

Kalypso Holiday Sale
We have started the Holiday Sale in our Kalypso Shop!
Games like Sudden Strike 4 for 50% off:

Or Dungeons 3 for 35% off:

Find all games on Sale in our Holiday Sale:

On top of this, if you login the first time with your existing Kalypso launcher account, or when creating a brand new account your will get a 25%-off discount on the first title you purchase in our shop on top of the discounted price!


Steam Winter Sale
The Steam Winter Sale has started just in time before Christmas.
So a perfect time to get yourself some awesome deals in 2017:

Dungeons 3 for 25% off

Sudden Strike 4 for 35% off

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard for 66% off

Tropico 5 for 75% off as well as all DLCs and Expansions are 50% off:

Moreover, many more can be found here:

Railway Empire Beta
Last week we have once again made an update, which, among other things, came with following modes to play and test:
  • Unlocked Scenarios/The West/Gold rush
  • Unlocked Free mode/The West/1830
  • Unlocked Free mode/The West/1850
  • Unlocked Sandbox mode/The West/1830
  • Unlocked Sandbox mode/The West/1850

Additionally Gaming Minds just recently released a small overview, what they are currently working at.
For all beta-participants, head here for more details:


Dungeons 3 received deathmatch-mode
Recently we have released version 1.4 for Dungeons 3 coming along with many Community-reuqested features from Beta and after.
To name three:
  • Multiplayer deathmatch available.
    -> Enter enemy dungeons and destroy their dungeon hearts.
  • New skirmish map "Sandbox".
    -> Create the dungeon of your dreams!
  • New game mode "Sandbox".
    -> Spawn enemy heroes yourself!

Sudden Strike 4 Update 1.05
Along other things following has been added:
  • AI controlled players are now available for Classic Mode Battles.
  • As a result of this, Classic Mode Battles are now available in Skirmish as well.

2017 will end soon
We wanted to take the chance and want to thank all and every one of you, for the passion, dedication and ongoing support for our games!

This year has seen so many games, most recently Sudden Strike 4 and Dungeons 3.

2018 will be right on track for Railway Empire at the end of January already.

Followed by Shadows: Awakening

and Tropico 6

later in 2018, with more details coming along, too.

So stay tuned and be prepared for 2018!

Everybody have some nice holidays, enjoy the rest of 2017 and have a nice 2018 and we hope to see all of you in 2018!