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Full Version: So where is everyone from?
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So I've been on the forums lately and been reading everyone's posts ect and just am wondering where everyone's from ?

Ontario Canada Here
canada ehh?

did you watch your the girl win the trampoline event?? that was awesome!!!

i live right smack in the middle between boston, and NY city..

that makes me EST if anyone is ever up for some MP action Big Grin
No I've only caught some of the games action! I'm also on the est coast if your keen for some MP action shortly after the game comes out, make sure you join the steam group my steams Hoodlum_25

SO EXCITED for the game to come out .... why must it seem so far away
South Africa.
wow that's crazy!
Minnesota (USA)
I'm from England, been lurking on these forums for awhile and thought it was time to say hello.

Charlotte, NC...

If we ever end up of TS or vent I will keep the drawl to a minimum.
er singapore some nation don't like us idk why
Moving this to the off-topic forum.
Germany, near Frankfurt
(09-08-2012, 11:25 AM)kalikal Wrote: [ -> ]I am from Hungary and we just won a medal at kayak just before posting this Smile

So that was you in the kayak? Congrats!
Germany, Hamburg
Germany, Uetersen (ca. 30 Kilometer West-North-West from Hamburg).
An undisclosed location in the UK
I am from Great Britain although its not as great as it used to be, but still great nonetheless if you look at our history.

I am an Engineer by day and a computer nerd by night.

Peace all.
Moscow, Russia
Land of thousand Islands (Some even resemble moderate climate - Tropican ones), Croatia, Zagreb Smile
New Jersey, Snooki must die
Haha, there is no mention of New Jersey without bringing up that infamous TV show.

Also did I ever tell you I love your avatar? Colbert for president 2016 - believe!
Currently Alabama...
Alabama Man!
Norway here Smile best country in the world Tongue
The North West of England ^_^

Big Grin
i dont know if is tropic is dead but iam from sweden
Im from Spain.
Cherkassy (Ukraine)
Zermany,North-West...close to the Netherlands.
From Sofia, Bulgaria.
[Image: Sofia.jpg]
So, you are based in the city where our Tropico developers (Haemimont Games) are based as well Smile
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