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Full Version: Gameplay suggestions and bug reports
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Please post any gameplay suggestions, ideas or bug reports into this thread! Thanks!

first of all, good luck for your new release!!!

keep in mind that i'm a great lover of racing simulation games.
in my opinion the best racing simulation game ever is F1 MANAGER PROFESSIONAL.
i spent a lot of hours playing both POLE POSITION 2010 and 2012.
i found some interesting aspects in both of them, but in the end i have to say i'm still playing the 2010 edition, and not his younger brother.
the reason why is cause the 2010 better reproduces the real dynamics in some of the most important areas of the racing team management.

i obviously hope you'll be able to overtake any predecessor, and i'm here to offer you my suggestions and game experience.
now let's come to your new product...


in the MANAGER SETTINGS, the first thing i suggest you to change is to join the AGE and BIRTHDAY fields into a unique DATE OF BIRTH field, which absolutely couldn't be confusing.
with the AGE field, instead, you have to calculate how many years you should have at the starting date of the game... not the best.
please change also the NAME field into LAST NAME, i think it's more clear.
also add the possibility to select a your own photo.
i find really interesting the possibility to select the START YEAR you prefer (check the lock for minimum and maximum years cause you can go behind 2010 and 2020 and i don't know if you want it).
really interesting also the other options for the REFUELING and the RANDOM FAILURES (it's not so clear what will happen activating this last one).

nothing to say about the ACTIVATE TEAMS, the SELECT YOUR TEAM and the TEAM SETTINGS screens.

i really appreciate the changing of the RACE CALENDAR season by season, but i think it's unreal to plan the belgian gp on march, for example. i suggest you to establish a range of dates for every gp, in order to have more consistent calendars.


in the HISTORY screen you should not start with an empty database. I think everyone wants to start the game thinking to be part of a history, and not to be part of the first racing season ever raced! you should create an history database of the F1 championship, which will be modified season by season during the game.
you should also add other screens for other basilar statistics like the number of driver championships won by a constructor, victories, pole positions, fastest laps, points etc...
the reason why is because the more records to beat, the more longevity to your game!

in the RACE OVERVIEW, the first thing i realize is that the tracks are not as real again! why don't you reproduce them more correctly?

NEXT EVENT screen is ok in my opinion.

in the RACE CALENDAR screen, you should give the possibility to click on a track to open the related overview.
i also note that there's only one training session again. you should establish three training sessions, as in the real F1 championship.

nothing to say about the TRACK OVERVIEW screen, but i suggest you to add more real circuits and make them add or eliminate from the calendar, season by season.

the EMAILS screens are ok, as the OPTION screen and the PERSONAL AREA ones.

in the FINANCES, CURRENT MONTH and PREVIOUS MONTH screens are ok, but you should add a screen for the CURRENT SEASON, structured exactly like the other two.

nothing to say about COURSE OF THE YEAR screen and PERSONAL BALANCE screen, which i really appreciate to plan my budget spending.

i also would like to keep trace of the balance season after season, so i suggest to divide the screens into two groups: CURRENT SEASON, where you can find CURRENT MONTH, PREVIOUS MONTH, CURRENT SEASON, COURSE OF THE YEAR and PERSONAL BALANCE screens, and PAST SEASONS, where you can find the COURSE OF THE SEASONS screen (structured like his twin) and a GRAPHS screen (where i can see the history of the balance and its voices, season after season).

nothing to say about the BANK screens. i only suggest you to make the interests for credits and investments change during the course of the year, for example every three months.

about the SPONSORS, i really appreciate the relations management system. i only suggest you to manage differently the advertising spaces. you should create more spaces to sell. I never saw a F1 car with only 5 sponsors!

FAN MERCHANDISE is ok in my opinion.

the TEAM OVERVIEW screen is ok, i only suggest to add some more statistic like the number of driver championships won, and the poles and the fastest laps during this season.

the RULES screen is also ok, but i will add a rule for the training sessions number during the gp and a rule for the test drive sessions allowed during the season.
i would also change the components system, but i'll explain you later.

now let's talk about the SEASON screens.
in the CONSTRUCTOR and DRIVER CHARTS, please add two columns for the numbers of pole positions and fastest laps and give the possibility to select how to sort the charts. i suggest you to modify the TRACK WINNER screen into TRACK RESULTS, where you can see not only the winner of the track but also the pole position and fastest lap maker. you should also add new screens where you can see the conquered points track by track for both drivers and constructors.

very good the ESPIONAGE!

in the PIT CREW screen, when you select an employee you see wrong icons indicating the quality (the gears).

in the PERSONNEL screens, you should give the possibility to sort the personnel by performance or age or salary and to select more personnel at the same time to hire or fire them.

about the DRIVER OVERVIEW screens, in the DRIVER OVERVIEW you should give the possibility to sort the driver list by name, team, talent, age and salary.
i really appreciate the JUNIOR DRIVERS section, good job!

the DRIVER TRAINING system in general is good, i think also the skills are complete to describe the driver's ability, but i would prefer if you assign a value to every skill intead of just establish if a driver has reached or not one of them (like in PP2010). i don't like to think that the only talent skill will determine the general behaviour of a driver. there are drivers who are not talented like others but are better of them on wet track, for example. so i prefer to separate values.

SUPPLIER screens are ok, as the PAINTER, WIND TUNNEL and WORKSHOP ones.

about the TEST DRIVES, i'd like them to be regulated by the FIA, which season by season could change the number of available tests.

the VEHICLE SETUP has not the glow when moving the mouse on it. you absolutely have to change the setup system. i want to work with fine changes! i would have started from the PP2010 system and improved it. the current system should not be included in a racing simulation game. beside you have inverted deflectors and flipups in the SETUP screen.

you should improve the TEAM GROUNDS system. also in this case i would have started from PP2010. i should not only build a structure, but also develop it, and i should build more similar structures to exponentially improve the benefits of building them.

and now let's come to one of the crucial aspects for the longevity of a racing simulation game: the RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT.
the RESEARCH TREE has some interesting aspects, but comparing it to the PP2010 research & development system i have to say i prefer the second one. in my opinion, the best system would be a mix of those. i try to explain what i mean with an example. suppose i want to research a front wing: what should i do? i should take a look at the season rules to see what are the measure ranges for that component, and then i should go to my research centre (like in PP2010) to create a new front wing model; here i should select the lenght, width and height for the model, whose performance will be better if i could apply to my model some technologies (being part of the research tree) which my designers had reached in the meantime. you should also give the possibility to do more research at the same time (as in PP2010) and to design and develop the chassis for the new season.
please work on it, it's crucial.

in the PRODUCTION screen, i only suggest you to indicate how many days you need to produce a component before starting to produce it.

now it's time to play for me!

other suggestions later...

good work!
Thank you letting me test the game. I am a fan of older F1 management games (I really enjoyed the old Pole Position game and Grand Prix World). I have not played your previous racing management games. I will highlight in bold the most important things such as bugs.

These are just some things I jotted down during 2 hours of play before the game froze after the first race ended.

- I would like to see more nationalities (flags) in manager creation window.

- how about setting one key or right mouse button to display all active icons in office, cantine etc. screens.

- how about equal position for both drivers in the team? I actually did not understand if there is some tactical advantage for the first driver.

- I suggest to use a small help button on each screen instead of the tutorial pop-up window. If you give detailed instructions I would like to see the interface and later also return to the tutorial information to check if I understood something correctly.

- I could not research Brake System 1 after finishing advanced research. Could be a bug?

- no finance information on the main screens. I would like to see how much money I still have left without going into the finance window.

- the messages about yet another fan club were annoying. I had about 10 or more messages about this before the first race. I had too many fan relations specialist obviously, but how about increasing fan club size instead of creating new fan clubs? It seems to me more reasonable than new fan clubs every other day Smile

About racing screen:

- time acceleration slider is too sensitive for my taste. Could you add some kind of buttons for increasing and decreasing accelerated time. It goes sky-high if I try to move just a little bit.

- overview of driver lap times by lap number not just best and last lap time. I do not feel or directly see if there is any change in lap time if I change the setup. If I could go back and see the lap times for my drivers I would understand if the setup was better or not.

- overview of car condition is poor during testing, qualy and race. How about introducing separate windows for that information. If you squeeze all on one screen I can not keep track. I am not used to interface also, so that might be my problem

- I would prefer to have a comparison of setups for both cars and also see the setup while the car is on track.

- is there a pit-stop strategy screen before the race or did I miss it? This seems to me very important part of racing.

- it did not feel the team was actually going for a race far away because I kept returning to the office after every session. Maybe changing the interface during race weekends would do the trick.

In general I liked the look of the office screens, but the racing screen was too cluttered for my taste and some icons were really tiny. Is there a recommended resolution? I will play some more and maybe I get used to it.

in the TEAM GROUNDS you could add the SIMULATOR. it's one of the most useful development tools in last years.

you should create an association between the generated names for new drivers and it's nationality... have you ever heard a japanese like philipp henry or an argentinian like wolfram herbert?!?

in the SECURITY AGENCY screen, you should give the possibility to sort the team list by name, strength and chance of success.

why sometimes the game goes forward more days than i clicked on?

let's examine the RACE EVENT, one of the most important aspects of a racing simulation game.

in my opinion the race display could be much better if you substitute this kind of "pins with team logos" with simple rounds running on the track: take the actual pins, delete the triangle at the base, flat them on the ground, write the driver number on it and that's all!

besides the ideal trajectory on the track, you should establish 1 or 2 more trajectories that the cars could take to attempt an overtake or a defense of their position.

please sharpen the car speed on the track when doing a corner: a driver brakes the car before inserting into the corner, then lets the car slow down till the apex of the corner and in the end he becomes to accelerate.

you should also divide the track into three sectors, as in every race run in the world!

you should give the possibility to set the time speed with the keyboard and scrolling the mouse on the time bar. besides if i select x1 speed, i want real x1 speed.

you should reproduce the current set of tyres (super-soft, soft, medium, hard, intermediate, full-wet) and establish a number of tyre sets for the race weekend. now tyre sets are infinite during the training session, while during the qualifing i have only one set per kind?!?

i personally prefer the race visual given in F1 MANAGER RTL or GRAND PRIX WORLD for example, but a mix could be even better: you could split the screen vertically and give two visuals of the team drivers with two cameras pointing to the car positions and following them on the same track model you are using now.

instead of this little TIME TABLE, which is incomplete and is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, you should create a new screen similar to the official one you always see during the race in tv.

i found a bug: when the popup windows appear after the finish of the Q1, Q2 and WARM-UP LAP, if i move the time bar, the time goes on. this causes wrong behaviour of the cars, which start to run out of the track.

you should keep trace of every time lap a driver of my team does during the training session in order to give me the chance to analyze his stints with different kinds of tyres and find the best strategy for the qualify and the race.

you should change the driver elimination system during the qualify. so if there are N drivers, the system should be:
- Q1: N drivers
- Q2: N-[(N-10)/2] drivers
- Q3: 10 drivers

you should lock the track zoom when scrolling the mouse over the time bar and the info box of the driver.

RACE SCENES are completely unnecessary. maximum respect to you guys!

my last suggestion, but one of the most importants: let the community the possibility to mod your game in order to exponentially improve the longevity of the game. so improve the editor or let the data accessible like in PP2010. i want to have the possibility to edit not only the driver and team names but also the logos, the photos, the sponsors name and gfx, everything that must be edited in order to represent the reality!
Thanks so much for all the feedback guys! This is great. We are scribbling in our notebooks like mad! Smile
Been playing the game for a few hours and here are some of my impressions

Manager Settings

Age and Birthday sliders could be joined together so you can just chose day/month/year

Liking the new options to allow random failures and allow refueling

Team Settings

Location should change when you change the flag

New interface is awesome, and I love the art style, I'm sure this will be fixed but it is not always clear which sections of interface to click on.

Research and development

The research tree is a good thing, I like the passive abilities and unlocking of components.

I find myself missing some of the research and development features of RTL Racing Team Manager and pole position 2010.

I think it would be interesting if you were forced to assign resources to developing next years chassis and components, so you are forced into a situation where you have to chose between the current cars development and next years.

Race interface

During the race track positions are hard to follow, this could be made easier if the tracks had more than one timing sector, and the gaps between cars was displayed on the timing screen. As it stands it is really easy to lose track of what is going on during the race.

Info such as tire condition could be made to stand out more.

I prefer the top down 2d track style from RTL Racing Team Manager, because it was easier to follow the position of your cars.

Between qualifying sessions the track zooms in and out when you scroll up and down the result screen

Nice addition of the automatic pit stop button, but it does seem a bit buggy at the moment for example my cars were pitting randomly and adding 120 liters of fuel each time.

Races randomly crash (fixed by assigning 1 CPU core to the game)

The speed slider is to sensitive at the moment

rules for next season should be communicated during the current one (for example at mid-season), in order to give the team the possibility to start the design of components for next season car model (exactly like it happens in real championships).

in some cases, for example when establishing the amount of fuel to supply, it would be very useful to change 10 by 10 litres if right-clicking the mouse (using the scroll bar is not so fine while this method could be more comfortable for some people).

in my opinion one of the most important "keys" for the longevity of a racing simulation game is the changing of rules season by season. the changing of rules should force the team manager to research and develop new car components in order to respect the rules and also be competitive (nothing new til' this point, you would say...).
in my opinion (that's the new thing) the steps to do are:
1) increase the number of variables associated to a car component (in order to radically decrease the possibility to "recycle" the older seasons components);
2) assign consistent values to any component variable (in order to obtain consistent results by adding and mixing the different variables);
3) translate this values in consistent performances on track.
what i always felt playing racing simulation games for lots of seasons is a deep sense of "repeating"... after a few seasons, car designing always became a sort of "routine"... nothing more new to research... no suspence in what the result of assembling new components would have been...
as we can separate car components into aerodynamics and mechanicals, the rules should establish season by season which of these components would be decisives to determine and improve the car performance. the good manager should understand if the research should be pointed to develop the aerodynamics, the engine, the suspensions, the electronics, etc. in order to increase the car performance and obtain an advantage over rivals.
for example, a rule which penalizes aerodynamic components of the car, as restrictive, should push the development over mechanical ones, or vice versa.
imagine a rule for the front wing. the "phisical variables" for this component could be:
1) length
2) width
3) height
4) number of wing profiles
5) number of side profiles
6) number of loopholes
these variables should determine the "starting" values for downforce and drag. some of these variables should be regulated, but other not... and this could change season by season...
there also could be some "technical variables" which i could apply during the research or the development of the component, depending on the case, if in the meantime i had reached them in the research tree. in this case, talking about the front wing:
1) modern design (applicable during the research)
2) advanced aerodynamics (research)
3) front wing - step 1 (development)
4) front wing - step 2 (development)
5) front wing - step 3 (development)
6) front wing - step 4 (development)
7) front wing - step 5 (development)
these variables should modify the downforce and drag, and should be applied ALL TOGETHER for the research, if i select them (obviously the more the selected variables, the more the time and cost for research the component), and STEP BY STEP during the development. before having the possibility to apply a development step, i should have used the previous step model on the track during private tests or race weekends (this should also increase the appeal of training sessions, taking in mind that the number of available tests during the season should also be regulated) and have "collected" the necessary data to reach the new step. the better my designers, the higher the increase of performance. naturally i can't develop a component til' the infinity... so it should be determined a steps limit (i choose 5 steps in my example).

the research tree you have built is a great thing, as all of the researches could be assigned to one or more components, increasing the number of associated variables.

we should also consider a research and develop for the chassis, using the same concepts i tried to explain. in the research tree i saw there are some steps for that already!

in my opinion this system establishes a great challenge for the manager and a great longevity for the game.
Some more ideas after 2 hours more playing:

- some locations in team selection screen are in German;
- driver messages during racing are useless. I would prefer something like ''I am low on fuel', 'low grip', 'need more speed on straights' etc. so that they help during training, qualy and racing with setup. More feedback from the drivers in general.
- create a pit-stop strategy window before the race. For example, if there is parc ferme before the race, give access to a strategy window instead of car setup.
- weather forcast. It should not be very precise as it sometimes tends to be, but it would be a nice touch. Also drivers could report that there are clouds gathering over one end of the track.
- need racing sounds during racing or are they disabled for the beta? Like cars passing pit wall, sounds of applause, tyre change sounds...
- how about introducing driver morale? Sometimes drivers get their ups and downs, for example the morale would go down after a bad race or if the driver is reduced to second driver status and vice versa.
- I do not object to race scenes but if shown in the same way as now I will turn them off anyway because the full screen overtaking scene interupts my gameplay. I would suggest you to put them in a separate window like you have the current timings. Also the sudden noise of engines was so unexpected I jumped in my seat twice. Then I turned them off.
- how about giving two types of tyre (one soft, one hard) for the whole weekend with several sets instead of current way. You could even change them randomly race by race.
- I would prefer some statistics in vehicle setup screen about current race. For example, average fuel consumption etc.
- how about a separate "telemetry" screen with data on laps done. Speed curves, gears, tyre temperatures, engine temperature, brake status etc. Just a thought. Do not know how difficult that would be Smile
- the current timing screen in the racing mode is out of place. It is always in the way no matter where I put it.
- bug before race start. Before pressing "begin race" button, I moved the time acceleration slider and the cars were moving all around the track in different directions. Some were jumping from one place to another. The movement normalised after some time but I noticed some jumping cars also later in the race.

I have gotten used to the interface a bit more, but my previous suggestions still stand.
I will try to give some ideas about the management side of the game as well some time later.
Ok . I deleted my old Post cause i want to do 2 new ones . First is coming now !

Bugs i found in the game :

1. Training and 1. Qualifying Session , the First Driver seems to jump on most Tracks . So he makes an extreme fast round between 4 and 15 seconds faster than the second . Even if u have 2 exatly same drivers !

2. Repairing parts : On the list for Repairing parts the transmisions r not shown so u cant repair them ! The cross is in the tranmission part shown but not on the list to repair them !

3. Not shure why but even if u have 2 acctly same drivers (i edited 2) they r totally different . In Training and Qualy they r nearly same but in the race the second driver most time wins . If u switch first and second driver during the season its still the same so it looks like that the second driver is always a bit faster in races . U can see it specially in the fastest lap times during the race !

4. On Racestart : I edited 2 Drivers to abolutly max with all talents . But on every Racestart (even if they r First and Second after qualy) they r loosing a lot of places . I had it in 1 race that they started First and Second and were the 2 last ones in the second corner . Normaly they fight theire way back on top during the hole race , but on rainy races the do not . So it looks like the player drivers r the badest racestarter even seen !

5. Rain : Even with the best equipment in the game availible , and the best driver u can have (or edit) the drivers r very very slow in rainy training , qualy and race ! Looks more like they r totaly loosing control than !

6. Montreal : On that Track i found out that the Laptimes r realy incorrect . All driver of all treams made laptimes between 54 seconds and 1 minute . The original Qualifing Laptime this year was 1:25 ! So u realy should change that pls !

Thats all Bugs i found after my first hole Season ! Hope that helps to fix things !
You should include the setup page also in the wind tunnel screen, in order to speed up the setup changes to test in the tunnel.

In the vehicle setup screen, the page always returns to the aerodynamics when changing between car-1 and car-2. That's really frustrating, in particular if you're trying to compare the mechanics and the setups between the cars.

Could you specify the number of laps for overlapped drivers, instead of simply write ">1 lap"?

You should group more the starting grid... Now its length is unreal...

During the race, i'd like to have a screen where read the real-time gaps (as the engigneer can see during real races) between my drivers and my rivals, in order to evaluate the best moment to call them for a pit-stop and exit from the pit-lane avoiding traffic. Obviously i should read somewhere what's the time needed to cross the pit-lane.

I'd like to see accidents involving more than two cars and accidents which could damage some components of the car, forcing my driver to a pit-stop to fix them (for example change a damaged wing or a blown tyre)

During the race i'd like to see penalties (drive through and stop-and-go) for really aggressive drivers who have caused collisions or done wrong overtakes or defenses of their position)
Ok first of all in this second post sry to all english speaking ppl but i will do it in german cause its way esier to explain what i mean !

Vorab möchte ich allerdings erstmal kurz etwas loswerden . Leider muss ich sagen das PP2012 sowie auch der 2014 Teil im Gegensatz zu PP2010 etwas mager ausfällt . Im Gesammtkonzept muss man BISHER leider sagen das der 2010er Teil etwas detailierter in den features war . Ich bin ein grosser Fan der gesammten PP Reihe , seid dem ersten Ursprünglichen Teil von Ascon und hoffe das Ihr euch wirklich einige der von der Community gemachten Vorschläge zu Herzen nehmt , den bisher muss ich sagen waren selbst ältere Konkurrenz Games doch etwas weiter ! (Nicht böse sein , wollte das nur Vorab kurz loswerden)

So und nun zu meinen Verbesserungsvorschlägen .


Der Fahrereditor ist soweit gut , allerdings wäre es schön , wenn man anstatt des Alters und des Geburtstages per Schieberegler einfach das Geburtsdatum eintippen könnte . Tag , Monat und Jahr jeweils Einzeln . Desweiteren sollten die Talente wie beim Gesammttalent in einer Skala von 0 - 100 einstellbar sein (zum Grund später mehr)

Der Teameditor ist wie der Fahrereditor gut , allerdings sollter Hier anstatt der Starttechnologie ein Teambonus eingeführt werden , wie :
-Ingenuerskunst = 10% schnelle Produktion
-Top Designer = 10% schnllere Forschung
-PR Meister = 10% mehr Spnsoreinnahmen
-Spitzentrainer = 10% schnellerer Trainingserfolg
-Super Spion = 10% mehr Spionage Erfolg
(zum Grund später mehr)

Bei beiden sollte anstatt eines Schiebereglers für die Nationauswahl ein Mouseover Botton hin , der beim drüberfahren eine Listen der Flaggen öffnet und bitte bitte bitte macht es möglich , das man eigene Fahrerbilder sowie Teamlogos auswählen kann !!!!

Ein weiterer Editor wäre nicht schlecht für die Sponsoren , bei dem man Namen sowie Logos ändern kann und natürlich die Anzahl der Sterne , welchen Marktwert der Sponsor hat .



Beim Spielstart finde ich alles soweit super , bis auf (auch hier) die Alters Einstellung . Die sollte auch hier mit Tag , Monat und Jahr eingetippt werden können .

Desweiteren (und da habe ich bisher vielleicht noch nicht weit genug gespielt oder pech gehabt) sollte die Teamauswahl , der Teams die dabei sind , nur vorrübergehend sein . Im verlauf des Spiels (zu Beginn jeder Saison) sollten nicht teilnehmende Team die Möglichkeit haben in der neuen Saison teilzunehmen . Sprich man stellt dort nur die Startteams für die erste Saison ein . Im weiteren Verlauf der Jahre kommen und gehen dann Teams hin und wieder .



-> History : In der Historie sollten nicht nur die ersten platzierungen stehen , sondern in erster Linie die Jahre , welche man anklicken kann um dann die komplette Wertung sehen zu können , wie Fahren mit ihren jeweiligen Punkten und das gleiche mit den Teams !

-> Rennübersicht und Streckenübersicht sind soweit gut (dennoch später mehr zu den Strecken)

-> Emails sind Top (einfach und schnell zu handhaben)

-> Telefon , Finanzen : Dort fehlt mir irgendwie ein weiterer Menüpunkt um Vergleiche zu den Vorsaisons zu ziehen (Jahresbilanzen)

-> Telefon , Bank : Dort wäre vielleicht schön als Anlagen noch einen kleinen Aktienmarkt einzuführen (vielleicht in späteren Versionen des Spiels :-D )

-> Telefon , Fanartikel : Hier ein erster schweres Manko . Der Automatismus des Fanartikeleinkaufes muss detailierter sein . Heisst , die Menge ab wann ein Artikel nachgekauft werden soll und die Anzahl , wieviele nachgekauft werden sollen muss einstellbar sein !

-> Telefon Sponsoren : Diesen Teil habe ich mit Absicht als letztes genommen , denn hier sollte mit für Euch einfachen Mitteln starke Verbsserungen erzielt werden . Es müssen mehr Sponsorflächen her und dazu hier mein Vorschlag :
- Seitenkästen : 2 Sehr grosse Werbeflächen , Einen oben drauf einen an der Seite
- Airbox : 1 grosse Werbefläche seitlich unten , 2 kleinen übereinander darüber
- Nase : 1 grosse Werbefläche oben drauf , 3 kleine hintereinander seitlich
- Frontflügel : 2 mittlere Werbeflächen übereinander auf den Hauptfläche , 1 kleinen seitlich
- Heckflügel : 2 mittler Werbeflächen auf den jeweiligen Flügeln , 3 kleine übereinander an den seiten

Zur berechnung der Werbeflächen einnahmen :
Sehr gross = Summe mal 2
Gross = Summe
Mittel = Summe mal 0,75
Klein = Summe mal 0,5
(Beispiel : Ein Topsponsor will für 19 Rennen 5 Millionen pro Werbefläche zahlen . Bei Sehr gross wäre er also bereit 10 Millionen zu zahlen . Bei klein nur 2,5 Millionen . Auch hier wie bisher , macht der Sponsor maximal 3 Werbeflächen voll)

Zudem wäre es nicht schlecht , wenn man den Racingsuit und den Helm ebefalls mit Werbung versetzen könnte ! Es würde alles in allem der echten F1 näher kommen !

-> Privat : der Bereich ist ein nettes Gimmik und kann so bleiben . Vielleicht irgendwann einmal weiter ausbauen mit Sachen wie Familie etc.!

-> Saison : Dort wäre es schön , wenn dort ein weiterer unkt bei Fahrern und Konstrukeuren dazu kommen würde , nämlich die Fastest Laptimes aus den Rennen . Und im Abschnitt Streckensieger sollte man die einzelnen Strecken anklicken können um dort das gesammt Rennresultat zu sehen !

-> Regeln : Hier sollte sich wirklich jede Saison etwas tun , damit man nicht nach wenigen Saisons in Langeweile versinkt . Dazu folgendes :

Strecken : Ihr solltet mehr Strecken einbauen , welche schonmal in der Vergangenheit gefahren wurden . Dadurch könntet Ihr Saisonvielfalt reinbekommen . Regelveränderung der Anzahl an Rennen zwischen 16 und 20 Renne pro Saison , sowie welche Strecken gefahren werden . Beispiele hierfür :
Adelaide - kann nur als Ersatz für Melbourne kommen oder wenn kein Australien GP drin ist
Nürburgring - Als Ersatz für Hockenheim oder den Europe GP Valencia
Suzuka - Als Ersatz für Nagoya
Indianapolis - Als Allgemeine Zusatzstrecke

Nachtanken und Motorenwechsel sollte sich ruhig ab und an wechseln , ob erlaubt oder nicht !

Reifen : Dort sollte ein switch möglich sein zwischen
Hart und weich müssen in einem Rennen gefahren werden
Nur eine Art von Reifen Darf gefahren werden
Nur bestimmte Arten von Reifen dürfen verwendet werden (z.B. nur Soft B und Hart B)
Der Reifenherrsteller wechelt ab und an und jeder Hersteller hat andere Qualitäten bzw. Leistungen der Reifen (wie inder Vergangenheit mit Bridgestone , Michelin , Pirelli , Godd Year usw)

Traings und Qualizeitenveränderung
1 -3 Traingsessions a 60 Minuten
Qualy : 1 mal 60 Minuten , 2 Mal 30 Minuten bei denen nur die besten 20 die zweite Session mitfahren und die jetzige Qualy Version

Aerodynamik und Mechanikteile : Hier müsste sich richtig was tun . Ihr solltet gucken das ihr dort Massangaben macht . Erstens würdet Ihr so viel mehr Spielraum an Leistungsunterschiede bekommen und zweitens mehr Variablen an realität reinbringen .
Z.B. Ein Frontflügel darf für die Saison zwischen 1200 mm und 1600 mm lang sein und zwischen 280 mm und 330 mm breit . Nun kann ich meinen Forschern sagen wie ich das Entwickeln möchte , als Beispiel 1500 mm lang und 320 mm breit !
Anderes Beispiel : Motoren gibt es als Variation von 8 , 10 und 12 Zylindern mit Gewichten von 90 - 200 KG und Leistungen von 650 - 1000 PS ! Die Regeln besagen nun , es muss ein 8 Zylindermotor sein , der zwischen 100 und 140 kg wiegen darf und nicht mehr Leistung als 800 PS hat !
Dadurch schlagt Ihr gleich 2 Fliegen mit einer Klappe .
1. Bekommt Ihr mehr Leistungvielfalt und mehr Einstellungmöglichkeiten
2. Haben die Forscher auch nach Saison 3 - 4 noch etwas zu tun und sitzen nicht nur doof rum und kosten Geld :-)

Mindest und Maximalgewicht des Fahrzeuges sollte hinzukommen .

Getriebe : Dort sollte die Anzahl der Gänge zwischen 5 und 8 switchen .



-> Spionage : Dort wäre es schön , wenn man eine von Zehn Sicherheitsfirmen angagieren könnte , mit einer Leistung von 1 - 10 % höhere Spionageabwehr !

-> Boxencrew : Ein weiteres Team von 3 Mann fürs Nachtanken wäre gut!

-> Fahrer :

- Fahrerübersicht finde ich echt ok . Komplett , vor allem mit den Amatuertems etc.

- Fahrertraining : Hier kommen wir zu dem schon im Editor Bereich erwähnten Talenten . Die Talente wie Regenfahrer etc. sollten von 0,0 - 100,0 Leistung sein , wie das Gesammttalent ja schon ist . Die Fahrer wären das noch detailierter und hätten viel mehr Charakterunterschiede wie im echten Leben . Trainiert könne die Talent bei einem Maximum and Trainingseinsatz 0,1 Punkt/Tag . So könnte ein Fahrer das Maximum von 0,0 auf 100,0 in knapp 3 Jahren bei vollem Trainingseinsatz lernen !

-> Personal : Dort wären seperate Chef gut wie Chefdesigner , Chefmechaniker etc. ! Diese geben einen Leistungbezogenen Bonus aufs ganze Team !
Z.B. : Ein Chefdesigner mit Maximaler Leistung gibt einen 10%igen Leistungsshub auf F&E (10% schneller) Oder ein Chefmechaniker mit 50%iger Leistung gibt eine 5% Leistungshub auf Produktionen (5% Schneller)

Desweiteren sollte die Möglichkeit bestehen die Mitarbeiter sowie den Arbeitsmarkt zu sortieren , nach Alter , Leistung , Gehalt und Art !



Hier habe ich eigentlich nur 4 Anmerkungen !

1. Testfahrt : Die sollten in den Regeln von Saison zu Saison variien und es sollte Möglich sein , wenn man die Teststrecke gebaut hat , dort zu fahren (da hättet ihr dann die Möglichkeit eine Fantasiestrecke zu gestalten :-D )

2. Das Farhzeugsetup : Das muss detailierter .
Flügel sollten in Winkeln 5° und 85° einstellbar sein
Bodenfreiheit sollte einstellbar sein
Anzahl der Gänge sollte und der Übersetzung sollte einstellbar sein (nach Regelvorgabe)
Zusatzgewichte und Gewichtsverteilung sollte einstellbar sein (Regelvorgabe)
Öffnung der Kühlungen habt Ihr ja schon und das gleiche gilt ja auch für die Bremsbalance

Den Rest finde ich echt super . Vor allem schön , das Ihr im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger die Möglichkeit eingbaut habt alle Aerodynamikteile und Mechanikteile auf einmal zu wechseln !!!

3. Im Windkanal fehlt die Setup Möglichkeit , um Veränderungen vorzunehmen !

4. Unterschiedliche Fahrzeugteile sollten auch unterschiedliche Designs haben . Und nicht das alle Frontflügel z.B. gleich aussehn etc.



-> Gebäude : Hier , finde ich , solltet Ihr nicht nur die Gebäude Bauen lassen sondern auch Erweiterungen ermöglichen .
-Forschungsgebäude : Stufe 1 , 150 Tge Bauzeit +30 Forschung / Stufe 2 , 100 Tage Bauzeit insgesammt + 50 Forschung / Stufe 3 , 50 Tage Bauzeit insgesammt + 60 Forschung
Gleiches für alle Gebäude , ausgenommen Windkanal und Teststrecke .

-> F&E , Forschung : Hier kommen nun die Neuen Regeln zum Vorscheinen . Anstatt eine Techtree hat jeder Spieler die Möglichkeit nach Regelvorgabe Teile zu Erforschen und zu Entwickeln . Wenn er genug Personal hat , kann er aus verschiedene Variationen ausprobieren , denn hier ein Beispiel :
Regelvorgabe Frontflügel = 1200 mm - 1600 mm Lang und 280 mm - 330 mm Breit
Ich erforsche einen Frontflügel 1600 mm lang und 330 mm breit
und einen 1200 mm lang und 280 mm breit

Daraus ergeben sich folgende Unterschiede . Der Erste hat weit mehr Abrieb in Kurven durch viel mehr Fläche und macht das Auto in Kurven schnell . Aber auf Gerade und im Max Geschwindigkeitsbereich stört der hohe Abtrieb . Dort ist der zweite klar besser . Wenn ich nun noch weiter gehe und einen Frontflügel mit Maximalen Abtrieb entwickle und einen Heckflügel mit minimalem Abtrieb , dann verändert sich wiederum die gesammte Balance des Autos und ich muss mit Gewichtsverteilung und Bremsbalance das wieder ausgleichen !

Sprich . Der gesammte Leistungbereich verfeinert sich , die Einstellmöglichkeiten des Fahrzeugsetups werden viel interesannter und dann kommt auch viel mehr vielfalt ins Spiel und die gesammt Saison .

Was bleiben kann , ist der Aerodynamikbonus Techtree . Der bliebe dann auch weiterhin ein kleines Gimmik

-> Pruduktion

Dort bliebe alles beim alten . Das man ja nur Produzieren kann , was man erforscht hat :-)



Die Funktion ob 3D darstellungen ansehen oder nicht , die sollte hier mit rein und nicht im Rennbildschirm !


Das Rennwochende

Der Renningenuer und die Fahrer sollten Tips geben zum Setup des Fahrzeuges . Nicht genau sagen auf welche Einstellung was muss sondern nur ein Bereich . Z.B. : Heckflügel zwischen 30° und 40° , Bremsbalance mehr nach Vorne usw. !

Im Training sollte der Chefmechaniker hier ab und an erwähnen , wenn Teile in schlechtem Zustand sind !

Für Trainingsessions sollte es extra Reifensätze geben . Nur bei Qualy und Rennen werden die selben genutzt .

Vor dem Rennen sollten man die Möglichkeit haben vorab eine Boxenstrategie auszuwählen . Mit Reifen wahl und Tankfüllungssatz (je nach Regeln)

Die unnötigen Kommentare der Fahrer Irritieren ein wenig . Die sollten wieder raus !


Es wäre sehr Hilfreich , wenn Ihr in alle Bereichen mit Scrollfunktion , die Mausscroll funktion einbauen würdet !


So . Wer es bis hierher gelesen hat war mutig :-P
Ich weis das das alles sehr viel ist , aber ich hoffe das Ihr mit diesen Einzelheiten das besten F1 Managergame zaubert , so das mehr Leute Interesse dafür bekommen , so das Ihr in kommenden Versionen mehr Geld zur Verfügung habt , sowie mehr Personal und Leistung reinstecken könnt um es dann noch besser zu machen und irgendwann dann vielleicht doch das Spiel mit Lizenzen hinbekommt . Ich würde es Euch von herzen gönnen , den Ihr habt mit PP (und auch anderen Games) eine echt geile Lizenz gekauft .

Meine Abschliessenden Worte daher :

Macht weiter so . Tolle Leistung und grosser Mut sich dem Titel anzunehmen und das mit geringen Mitteln :-) (Ich bin dann mal weiter zocken :-P )
Now, after playing for several hours - without any crash - here are my first thoughts.

At first here's a little bug:
After the introduction lap the race will be started when then first few drivers are "in position", no matter where the last cars are at that moment. The last cars didn't even reach the start-finish straight when the race is started.

1. I want to see how much money I have left without having to use the telephone.

2. How can you train a driver to become a "fan's darling" or a "sponsor magnet"? A driver can have this ability or not, but you can't train him this way. Not with a "normal" trainer.

3. What does my pit crew do when it's not race weekend or test drive? I would prefer a time schedule for them like it was in the original PP.

4. Same for the drivers.

5. Why do I pay race engeneers when I have to do all the race set up myself? A little (optional) automation would be nice.

6. Why do I have to produce all the needed parts myself? It would be nice to assign this to a company (like it was in the original PP) that will deliver X parts e.g. three days before race or whenever I need them. The mechanics then would only be needed to build prototypes - and to repair the damaged parts.

7. As mentioned by someone else before, leading designers, pit crew leaders etc. with bonuses in their "area of operations" would be nice.

8. It would be even nicer when it's possible to hire a whole crew with this leader, so I don't have to hire every single person.

9. Some sliders have little arrows aside to make a "one-by-one-selection" some sliders don't. Especially the time accleration slider in the race screen needs this badly, because it's (and all the other sliders are) much to sensitive.

10. I support nearly all the suggestions made by the others, but not those which lead to micro-micromanagement.

I guess that's all for now .............. yes, it is.
in the driver chart, before the first race of the season you should display only the first and second team drivers. instead, after the first race of the season, you should display only the drivers who had taken part to at least one gp. now also test drivers are shown.

a little bug: michael schumacher is now shown in the driver chart also if he is unemployed.

please add the team funds on the top bar.

in the editor, the written "world championships" and "contract expiration" cover the relative values.

the drivers salaries are unreal.

you should add premiums for the final position in constructor championship.

you should add "labels" when pointing the mouse over "stars".

you should separate driver's "appeal" on fans and sponsors from other skills. these can't be trained! for example you could create press conferences for drivers and teams before the race weekend starts, in order to increase these values depending on the driver's answers.
(01-11-2013, 09:34 PM)elbro84 Wrote: [ -> ]...
you should separate driver's "appeal" on fans and sponsors from other skills. these can't be trained! for example you could create press conferences for drivers and teams before the race weekend starts, in order to increase these values depending on the driver's answers.

... or install the position of a PR-Consultant (or a whole PR-department), whose duty is the cultivation of the drivers and the teams image. This image could influence possible sponsors.

Press conferences are a good idea.
But keep in mind that at the racetrack there are many people running around with microphones asking stupid questions.
Only one thoughtless answer from a driver or an other member of the team can spoil the image of the whole team.
bug found: when changing the team name in the editor, then you have to re-assign the drivers to the team, or in a new game they will result employed by a team which "doesn't exist" (the team with the old name), they will also compare into the drivers' chart and some regens will be assigned to the team you have changed the name.

besides, what do you think about intending the car reliability as the sum of the reliability of car components (which is in turn the sum not only of the desing quality but also of the production quality that was available when you produced the component) and also of the quality of the assembly made by the mechanics? so, in order to have a very high car reliability, you have to hire both great designers and great mechanics...

ps: when indicating the total performance of my crew, please use only one icon near the number of points because that lots of icons always cover words.
Is it a rocket? Is it a plane? No, it's my racingcar!

I just won the poleposition in the Shanghai Qualifying with the unbelievable time of 0:00,083 min!!! Cool
The second of Q3 needed ca. 2:05,321 min (it was at least over 2 min). Tongue

After the event the results of the Qualifying are nowhere to be found. Same with the starting grid.

How can it be, that my car is that fast and I can't proof it??
I would love to see a way to make your own parts like the previous PP like someone else said. Oh and there was one thing about PP2010 I think it was where I had run into a problem about 3 seasons in where some teams had 3 full-time drivers, making it impossible for me to win the Constructors Title since the team that won would always have 3 drivers in the points. Is there a way to limit the CPU teams to 3 or 4 drivers maximum?
Now, it seems to be a bug:

Several times, on different courses (e.g. Shanghai, Monza, Hockenheim, Bahrain) I got pole and doublepole with exact the same time: 0:00,083 min.
Normally my cars are in the (sometimes upper, sometimes lower) midfield.

... and may be I'm wrong, but I think I noticed when I use the orders of the race engineers, some of the other cars perform outstanding laptimes, but not my cars/drivers.
1. When starting e.g. in 2010 the drivers still have contracts til the end of 2013 and are unavailable for the next season.

2. In "Driver Search" there should be an additional filter: "Only show unemployed drivers".

3. During a race weekend the "garage" should look like a box at the race track.

4. Even when refueling is not allowed, the cars get refueled at every pit stop when "Autom. Pit Stops" is selected.

5. During a race the choice of tyres should be limited to e.g. two soft, one hard, one or two intermediate and one rain tyre and there should be at least two sets of each type.

6. (New) Drivers with a high talent (e.g. >75) should have at least one skill.

7. In the editor please add some neutral logos for new teams and please make it possible to use own logos (like e.g. in PR2 - O.K. it's no racing manager but you hopefully see what I meanSmile)

8. "Instructions" of the race engineers take effect (time is running) during instruction lap. It should be not until race start.
Hi everybody!

Thanks for all the great feedback up until now. We really appreciate that. We are just now preparing the first update for the game which will fix a lot of bugs you guys encountered and also implement some of your suggestions. As stated earlier, please understand that we cannot fulfill all of your dreams. Smile One reason is that we are a small team, the other one is that some suggestions - while being totally cool - would endanger the project itself because implementing them would mean a lot of changes to the database which always holds the possibility of crucial bugs. That said, we would like to bring in as much of the stuff you ask for as possible.

Also, please be advised that Racing Manager 2014 will be out on Steam and other digital portals end of november/beginning of december.

Many greetings,
I see you are a small team with a few resources, but i truly hope you could represent a new arrival point. You did a good job in the past, the way is set up, you only have to push over and over... C'mon guys!!!
Hi everybody!

Based on your feedback, we have implemented the first beta patch for Racing Manager 2014. Here is the list of changes:
  • Fixed overlapping editor texts „world championships“ and „contract expiration“
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to change the time in Qualifying once a preliminary result was up
  • Fixed display of wrong rating icons in pit crew menu
  • Fixed overlapping text in choose team menu
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to change cameraangle and zoom factor with the mouse wheel while viewing the qualifying results
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to change time speed as soon as the race start window appeared
  • Fixed a bug that listet Michael as a driver although he was unemployed
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the user to change the starting year in Manager Settings below 2010 and beyond 2020
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from using anti aliasing
  • All Hotspots can now be highlighted by pressing the TAB key
  • It is now possible to change the race speed with additional buttons
  • Added current account balance to the main bar
  • The track winners menu now also features a button to view track information
  • The options menu now has an option if 3D race scenes should be displayed or not
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to zoom and rotate the track when the mouse was over the info window
  • Regulations now set the number of allowed test drives each year
  • Changed “name” to “last name” in the manager options
  • The car configuration menu now stays in the same window even if player switches cars
  • Manager age is now limited from 18 to 99 years of age
  • Race calendar now sports a button to get track information
  • Greyed out magazine and made buttons colored to provide better contrast and visibility
  • 3D race scenes now have a button to skip the scene
  • The lower bar now shows the current season
  • The history is no longer empty when you start a new game. Implemented 5 years of driver and designer championship

Many greetings,
Quote:Changed “name” to “last name” in the manager options

... and why didn't you change the same in the german version from "Name" to "Nachname"?

... and why isn't "first name" ("Vorname") first?
Good to hear about some progress. Are you going to do more updates before release?
Yes. we hope to. But that depends on the circumstances. We will do updates after release as well though.
Here again are some thoughts and remarks:

It's kind of enerving when using "autom. pitstops", no matter if refueling is allowed or not, the cars still get additional gas before they leave the box.

Example: For the race I switched the amount of gasoline at start to 70 litre (refueling allowed), when they start the cars got 100 litre more. With this heavy car it's quite difficult to get good lap times.

During the whole race the tank is filled with up to ca. 200 litres because at every pit stop the car will be refueled "to the edge".

At this moment "autom. pit stops" is imho unusable.

With a briefing before the race (like in the original PP) the "autom. pit stops" could be a real good thing.


Sometimes one or all my drivers can use the double amount of "race engineer points" without being a "teamplayer".
Up to now I was not able to figure out why or when they can do so.
First I thought that the more talented driver gets the double points, but in the next game only the lesser talented driver got it.
Also it's not impotant to be in the training for "teamplayer" to get the double.
When the driver has the ability "teamplayer" of course he gets it.

Question: Could the length of the course be responsible?


It would be nice to have a list of all drivers where you can see their abilities at first sight.


I support the suggestion that the race suit and the helmet should be included in the sponsors page.


At least in the dircription of the course the time needed to pass pit lane should be included.


Edited drivers and teams (if they are in the game) are not included in the history.

When creating a 19year old driver with ca. 100 races and one wc title, this driver isn't mentioned in the five year history.
So he became world champion at the age of 13 or 14?? Wow!

When I "steal" e.g. 2 wc titles of "Mr. Bettel" via editor, in the history he again has all titles.


When choosing tyres the race engineers could be worth the money I pay them and tell me how long the selected tyre will last until it has urgently to be changed (from his point of view).


Drivers should come to the box on their own e.g. when the car is damaged and they are able to return.

That's it for now.
Hi there! The first patch is great. I love that we have more control over the speed of the game now. It is easier now to pick the correct speed. Question and this is more about circuits than anything else. Is there a way to be able to add circuits to the game? I am thinking more about Circuit of the Americas in Austin TX and the possibility to add the New Jersey track, Russia and Mexico since next season F1 will be going to those places as well as going back to Austria. It is kind of a bummer to be racing in Turkey when that track hasn't been used in a season or two.

Maybe have the FIU sign contracts with circuits before the end of the season so you can see the next season schedule be constructed? I am not sure how much work that takes but I would think that would be awesome to see in Round 17 that you will be coming back to Turkey or coming to India after being away for a couple of years.

Also, I do believe this was in a previous edition of the game but is there a way to "retire" a team or to have a new team come to the series. Of course, this would be ideal for the smaller teams as I would not like to see the classic teams such as the "Ferrari", "Williams" or "McLaren" type teams go away.
... and here it goes again:

1. When a building in the team grounds is under construction, the text "Remaining construction time" and the days left are overlapping - no matter which resolution is selected;

2. Even after the (very good and helpful) patch the "driver's contracts problem" is still there. Wouldn't it be better not to use a specific date for the end of the contracts (e.g. 31. Dec 2013), but to give them a two (or one, or three ...) years contract?
When using "Dec 2013" in the starting year 2010 this date is still relevant and when starting 2014 or later no team has drivers under contract.
With a xy years contract it should be possible to find the correct end date depending on the starting year.

3. It's kind of strange that those teams who have sponsors in their names do not have at least one ad of this sponsor on their car (e.g. "Blox Bull Racing" shows no Blox Bull ad on the car).

... and again "I have ready" Wink for now.
Hi everybody!

We will be rolling out a patch in a couple of minutes that fixes some of the problems you hinted at. But most of all: We think we have found the bug that causes the game to crash on some systems after the first race. It would be cool if you could check if this is really fixed. Here is the full changelog:

- Fixed: Crash on some systems after the first race connected to database problems
- Fixed: Automatic Pitstops did a refuel even if refueling was forbidden
- Fixed: When player started in 2010, he was not able to hire drivers as they had a contract until 2013
- New drivers that have a talent of at least 70 get a skill unlock
- You can now search for unemployed drivers in the drivers search
- Embedded new sqlite3.dll.
- 3D race scenes can now be turned off even when a race scene is currently running (amongst other options)

These fixes apply to the PC as well as the MAC version.

Let us know what you think!

Many greetings,
Quote: - Fixed: When player started in 2010, he was not able to hire drivers as they had a contract until 2013

Isn't fixed, the issue is still there.
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