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PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Lemmingofdoom - 08-08-2017

I've owned the core game for a while (downloaded from PSN), and decided to buy and use the DLC of the Complete Collection upgrade. I purchased the pack, downloaded the components, and started up the game.

No DLC showing up in the game at all, apart from the originally included 'The Big Cheese' mission; no additional content in the Campaign, Missions, or Maps lists, and no additional buildings or other content present within gameplay.

I've read several threads online of this happening, and no definitive fixes - recommendations were to restart the PS4, power it off and on again, re-download the DLC, and re-install the game. I have done each of these 3 times now, with no change.

Is this a problem with no official fix, just content randomly appearing at some point in the future? Because at the moment, it feels a little bit like I've been robbed! I've just paid to fill my HDD with 500mb of content that may or may not reveal itself to me in the future; worst of all, it's soured the game experience for me, and I don't really feel motivated to even play the core game at this point :c

Please let me know if there is a definitive step I can take to fix this, as I was quite excited to play the extra missions, I would hate for this to be what ends my time with Tropico. Thank you for your time!

RE: PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Unerde - 09-08-2017

Hello Lemmingofdoom.
Please do the following:
- Simply open your PlayStation4 dashboard
- Go to the app-icon of the game
- use the "down" arrowbutton
- scroll down to PLayStation Store but do not select it
- on the right there will be a window "your addons"
- select this one and click on it
- Now you will get a lost of all owned contents of Tropico 5 and a small arrow facing down in the top left corner of it
-> when greyed out, it is already installed; white means needs to be downloaded and installed first.
- Simply select all with a white arrow, start downloading them and installing them, before starting the game
=> If all above done, you will have all DLCs available ingame.



RE: PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Lemmingofdoom - 09-08-2017

[quote pid='215791' dateline='1502275906']
=> If all above done, you will have all DLCs available ingame.


That's the problem, I am doing this, and the content is not available in-game; they are all listed as "installed" in that tab, but not recognised in-game. No new content appears, and if you select the 'Downloadable Content' option in the main menu, it pops up the error "There is no content. It might. It be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale." This is despite me having purchased it yesterday, and being able to repeatedly download and install it, without any actions impacting the inability to play it!

I have re-installed all contents and the full game multiple times, and as mentioned I have followed all the steps listed in every other thread regarding DLC recognition issues on the PS4, not a single action is affecting this further - is there a fix for it? If not, is refunding an option?

RE: PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Unerde - 10-08-2017

Hi Lemmingofdoom.
Please check following:
When selecting missions, check, which are listed.
So if e.g. Supercomputer and or big cheese among others are listed, all DLCs will be available.
Currently it just seems that the link to the store page from the main does not work properly, BUT this is not cutting your content in any kind of way, as you have stated your content is shown and installed, therefore available.
Additionally some buildings will be unlocked in later eras and therefore even when starting a sandbox game will not show up early on. Most buildings from the DLCs/Expansions will show up in the latest era.



RE: PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Lemmingofdoom - 10-08-2017

Again, everything is listed as installed on the PS4 interface, but nothing shows up in-game; the Missions list always just shows 'The Big Cheese' and nothing else, and I tried out a fairly extensive play through of a sandbox game, without once encountering a single new feature appearing in building lists etc. (I do still enjoy the core game, so I played through while taking a break from the frequent DLC woes, searching for any differences that may appear)

I have tried what must be every combination of uninstalling, restarting, altering the order of downloading and installing the items / game, and every single time it is all listed on the PS4 side as "installed" and nothing ever appears in the actual game! Unless there's some super-technical & obvious step I'm missing, I have done everything that would be expected to try and get this running short of a full factory reset of the PS4 - and I'm somewhat reluctant to do that! Every other game seems fine, the lack of the Tropico DLC appearing in-game is currently the only issue I've had (._.)

RE: PS4 Version DLC not showing in-game - Unerde - 10-08-2017

Hi Lemmingofdoom.
Best and easiest way to get this sorted properly would be to reach out to our technical support
provide them with all details as well as screenshots of your purchased/obtained and installed items and how it works out ingame so far.