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Patrician 4 Mod princes/kings? - Dan55 - 04-09-2017

Hi first post  Smile

I have been able to mod the sea battle damage to suit my gameplay but i would also like to adjust the prince/king settings,mainly to make them stay happier longer,is this possible?
And if so what do i need to change?

I have tried searching the game files for prince or prinz and king or konig with no luck 

Thanks for any help

RE: Patrician 4 Mod princes/kings? - Dorimil - 04-09-2017

have look here: http://forum.kalypsomedia.com/showthread.php?tid=9876

to answer your questeion: not as i know, only possibility is to mod the quest, that you more often get some "good" ones

RE: Patrician 4 Mod princes/kings? - Dan55 - 04-09-2017

I can see on the first post there is something about missions but no explanation of how to implement it.
Do i put the code in a notepad file,name it missions and drop it into the ini folder?

Once ive done that what parts would effect the happiness of the prince king?

Name = LF16
Logic = MissionLogic_LF16
Setup = MissionSetup_LF16
Text = MissionText_LF16
DisplayDuration = 7
MissionDuration = 30
IdleTime = 20
MaxCount = 8
MinRank = 0

What part do i change to give greater rewards?
Im ideally trying to micro manage the prince less and focus more on trading.

RE: Patrician 4 Mod princes/kings? - Dan55 - 04-09-2017

After a lot of reading i think ive worked out a solution