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Please help - Big bug - Stuck at Castra Ignis - siedo78 - 30-11-2017

Dear All,

I need some help. Sad 

Indeed, I reached level 14 with a new character. I paid out with the relevant worth to get access to Castra Ignis (Carpenter upgraded the ship level for Albion).

Everything seemed good and I took the boat, I arrived on the beach but I came to realise that it was very late at night for me. So, I exited, back to the Village, intending to stop playing.

And suddenly, the big mess. I discovered that the sign head-above the carpenter was appeared again, to level up to Albion again (?!?!) while I was supposed to have done it one minute before....

Having enough stuff to pay it out, I tried to process it again but no way despite enough gold, iron and wood... Marked in red "Albion plan needed".... What's hell is it???

I assume that this is bug but I do want to resume and restart everything from the beginning.  Sad

Any options to solve it?

Thanks in advance,