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Crashing - Babyfacekane - 03-01-2018

Question to all, Dungeons 3 on the PlayStation 4 keeps crashing on me, is anyone else experiencing this issue? when i get 20/20 i play for a few mins, get an error code that the game has crashed and to send sony the report.  It's getting very annoying cause i keep having to go back, and redo what i just did, and cannot complete the objective.  Is there any patches coming to the ps4 to address this issue, and as i said above is anyone else having problems with crashes?

RE: Crashing - Unerde - 05-01-2018

Hello Babyfacekane,
have you applied the latest update 1.3.3 already for PS4?
As this update also aimed at stability and performance increase on consoles.



RE: Crashing - Babyfacekane - 09-01-2018

Yes the patch is applied. I made it past the level i was stuck in before, game was running well enough, then it crashed again tonight. Not a huge deal, but a little bothersome, gonna have to auto save more often.

RE: Crashing - Unerde - 09-01-2018

Hi Babyfacekane,
also check if you have enough diskspace left on the storage of your PlayStation4, as a (almost) full storage can also cause performance problens, even though it should not, as you describe crash.

Best would be to get in touch with our technical support and provide them will all details and possible reproduction steps that they can have a look into this together with the devs to get this sorted properly.