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Dungeons 3 Nvidia Surround - Andastre - 12-03-2018

I'm Running a Surround setup on my pc 3x 24" and its how i prefer to play most games but not all of them
for some i prefer to revert to 1920x1080.

Dungeons 3  i find playing on 5760x1080 res unclear and lacking of ability to zoom in and scroll properly.

So i wanted to change its resolution to 1920x1080 but found that i can't change it to that resolution at all.

Anyone have a solution for this other then  having to disable Surround on my pc each time i want to play Dungeons 3 ?.

RE: Dungeons 3 Nvidia Surround - billyplod - 12-03-2018

You should be able to disable surround using hot keys CTRL ALT S but it maybe flakey on Win 10 just make sure you have the latest drivers