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Buy and download.... - allanleo - 18-02-2011

Hi there,
wnybody else experiencing not being able to buy and download a game ?

on Patrician IV it say :

Choose your means of payment
1. Got a promotional code? Please enter it below before selecting your means of payment.
Otherwise, please continue to Step 2.

2. Please choose your means of payment:

But there is nothing else in step two...!?? I can't click or choose anything...

Hope somebody can help.

Thanks & Regards

RE: Buy and download.... - Timo - 21-12-2011

Where are you trying to purchase the game from?

RE: Buy and download.... - billyplod - 10-08-2017


Typically there will be a "check box" before any payment is taken asking you to agree with the Terms and Conditions of purchase. With some online and download retailers the T&Cs box is not obvious.

BUT Timo is asking which re-seller are you using  STEAM ; GoG, Kalyspo Media. others also exist with different check out processes.
Just be careful about buying pre used versions that the re seller has cancelled the activation codes.