Do the AIs have money values? I'm guessing no
Frustrated with the inability to defeat the AI fair and square, I've attempted to discover how much money the AIs have with Cheat Engine. Alas, if they have any I can't find it. I get the impression they don't use it and instead place buildings freely.

From this I must wonder, apart from the lost money, how can you really be helping the AI when you buy their homes and businesses? If they don't use money the only harm to yourself seems to be the loss of cash for other investments. It does not seem to be what other players and the AI itself have suggested to me in the past, a "double whammy" in that the AI can then use your cash investment to build even more. A shame, I was looking forward forcing their insolvency and seeing what happened to their stuff. Sad

I guess I'll have to settle for buying and demolishing everything they own with my "credit card." Wink (Well, maybe not everything, too much clicking.) That'll teach them to violate my aesthetic sense.

I've heard you actually can eliminate competitors in Patrician III, is this true?
you can, but it makes no sense! Wink the game will generate a new one with new stock cash...
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The only time I ever buy property from the AI player is once I get well established and have more money than I can ever use and an AI property catches fire. The AI does not demolish property when it's on fire, so I buy these and demolish them before the fire catches more buildings.

Otherwise I ignore the AI competitor and concentrate on my goal.

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