New Clan Saga/Campaign for D2 ROE - Invocation
Here is a WIP of mission 8 for Clans. WIP for mission 8 Clans
You can play this mission to about turn 95. Only the 1st 1/3rd is finished. I have tested the 'timed' quest as a guildmaster (archer leader) It needs to be tested with a mage lord and a warrior leader. TO make sure that the 71 day deadline for the 1st quest is doable by all leaders. There is a work around to save 5 turns and a short cut around stacks that will also save 5 turns. My 3rd time through I completed the quest by turn 73, so I made turn 78 the deadline.

Not knowing the map it should take you 4 -6 play partials throughs to see what works the best. Again its a WIP so you can't get off the map and the west side of the map has not been populated yet.

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