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Hi there, I just popped in to make a thread about some features i'd love to see in an Omerta 2 game.  I played this game way back when it launch and picked it up the other day. I am finding it lots of fun. the one thing i do think the game is missing is a bit more action in the town during the Strat sim section.  Basically the running your empire part. 

Id love to see more in depth action going on.  For instance your gang members hanging out in front of the pizzeria. Or hauling boxes into armored cars, and delivering them, but if heat was high have a chase happen. Police shoot outs in the streets at night, police driving around known areas ect.

It could make you wait till the coast is clear to deliver that booze.

Basically the idea of more live map interaction with planing your timing. Maybe some more citizens too that the gang could interact with as well. People fleeing in a day time drive by increasing fear..    or a gang member at the soup kitchen serving lunch to increase "friendly"

I also think the game could take a little from tropico and let you click on the people in the town for minor info.  Nothing huge, but how feared/liked that person was maybe some random thoughts for flavor.

As far as clicking on the main gang characters perhaps you could assign them actions.  like default hang out at Pizzeria, or safe house, or soup kitchen, Or on "Patrol"   (protection or perhaps random muggins! the second could be done by gang type Enforcer/hitman would patrol, A burger would mug for example.)

Really i think i would step up the map interaction and empire maintenance using your "hero" avatars.  Sorta like a page out of tropico and using the el president' in T4 to do random things for boosts.  The other tracking stuff for normal citizens is just right out of tropico.  You could follow people to work, maybe they even work in one of your places. See um go out to night clubs, or boxing matches ext..   Simple scripts right out of tropico could achieve this. 

Work, Eat, entertainment, home..   random triggers to fill needs.  The citizens would be a part of your Fear/liked aspect.  Raid a warehouse while everyone is at work, (increase fear and bring down even more heat)   Do the drive by at night, Not so much fear as everyone is home. 

So basically a bit more action and thought into your over all sim play, with animations to help you along. 

For example, you could wait till night fall and then send your burglar or two to a night club area, then set um all up to mug. Watch the people come out of a club and random folks get robbed.  You could see the cops come. (increase heat)  and perhaps a shoot out can happen, Or maybe you have a safe house set up in the area so they get away clean..  (aka safe house to lower heat)    they see the cops and run to the safe house, verse shooting in the streets and then running on a long chase back to the hideout. 

anyways.. that is what i was thinking anyway Smile

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