The Right Direction
Looking at the screenshots, this looks like Tropico 5 re purposed to be like Tropico 4... I didnt enjoy T5, the "feel" of the game, was very different from T4. The roads for example, in T5 everything is squared and if you try to do something different you will waste a lot of space. The placement grid for buildings is too big and if I remember correctly you could only rotate them in 8 directions and was very restrictive.

I hope you finally bring terrain painting, it has been asked since T3. Be able to repaint green soil that has been left brown after demolishing a building, or just put concrete between the parks or somewhere you want.

And the permanent blurrish screen... I asked tons of times for a fix in these forums but never got one, just "adjust your screen settings". I tried everything but it always looked a bit blurry when you were at medium-far zoom. It was very annoying.

A moderator said long time ago than T5 was the best seller game of all the tropicos, but I think that is because T4 was very good, not because of T5 was. I think we will see how much people liked T5 with the sales of T6.

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