[PS4] PlayStation4 Patch 1.06 is live!
(21-08-2017, 06:28 PM)Ventus85 Wrote: Can someone explain what this means?
Is Level 999 the Final Level Cap?

Or is this just the Level Cap, where it gets harder to level up?

Because the devs said once, that there is NO Level Cap at all.

That is why iam a little bit confused right now.

then i would like to know, if the 3 Following Bugs have been finally fixed now on Playstation 4

1) Can i keep my Attribute Points on New Game+?
2) Can i keep my Gear on New Game+?
3) Can i start New Game+ Over and over again after each Playthrough??

I ask this Because some people in other Threads (With Google Search) say, that some of these still have not been fixed at all.

- According to patchnotes, Level 999 is a hard levelcap - but this will not be reached in the normal way

- 1.) Yes
- 2.) Yes
- 3.) Yes, with every playtrough your items will be stronger and the opponent will be tougher

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