Tropico 6 Trailer Discussion Thread

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Here are mine:

1) "Customize Your Palace" - Depending on how this is handled this could be one of the best additions ever to the game! I am actually most excited about this after watching the trailer.
2) Bridges!!!! Finally! This really has opened up a world of new possibilities, including #3 below:
3) Major kudos on being able to develop multiple islands on one map!
4) Looks like there will be some "mass transportation" options like busses. Nice.
5) I saw a prison which is an indication we'll have prisons right of the bat. Good.
6) THANK YOU for bringing back election speeches. Tropico 5 really boxed El Presidente and it's nice to see El Presidente becoming more important to the game again.
7) World Wonders is a GREAT addition!

I'm really looking forward to this game. For me Tropico 5, while still good, was a let-down from Tropico 4. It looks like 6 is not only taking the best of both worlds, but expanding upon them to make the game that much better. I really hope they get the "Customize Your Palace" right as that can be a game-changer. Looking forward to 2018!

So what did you get from the trailer? (Tropico news, tips, challenges, and tutorials)

Overview of new stuff in Tropico 4: Modern Times

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