Your suggestions
There should be a sex minigame.
Not sure whether someone raised that before.
Please do a "box-version" of the game, I really don't want to get the game by STEAM or alike. No offence to STEAM, I just want to play on a computer that may not have the internet access.
Until now all kalypso games were also (!) available on Steam, but not only! Wink So i think this will be the same for future games.
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Thanks again to all of you for these pretty good suggestions!

@Che Guevarra
(20-11-2011, 08:07 PM)Che Guevara Wrote: There should be a sex minigame.

Big Grin
Can you name any references? I do not have any clue how this could be/work in PR3... Tongue

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(...and keep on mind that there is also younger folks around here, so please do not post any pictures, videos or links to adult sites!)
I don't have a clue how it would work. Perhaps you could add option to marry someone but I qm afraid it would turn the game into Sid Meier's Pirates Sad
How about financing expeditions to try to find a Fountain of Youth ? Big Grin
I have one question: The game will be moddable.
Can't say that for sure now, but I guess that could be possible...
which console are you going to release this game?
(03-08-2011, 09:47 AM)Dennis Wrote: release in Q2 2012 for Windows PC and next generation consoles.

The Nintendo Wii is, as far as I know, no next-gen console.
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I hope the AI is a little better when it comes to buying out buildings. Such as distilleries, farms, etc. Once you want to buy something in one of the ports, the AI seems to buy at a ratio of 2-1 against you. Even on the easy level. Worse on the more difficult ones. That's just my opinion though.Wink

Oh I have a suggestion,

its possibly quite a lot bigger than the others but personally I think you should, in one game combine the areas of the hanse, the new world, the Mediteranean and the west african coast for lots of cities, trading and exploration.

Like start in the Hanse in 1300s or 1400s, then research tech that makes exploration to the mediteranean cities possible then research colonisation for west african coast and other things to be able to cross the atlantic to Iceland, Greenland and North and South America.

Its a bit big, I realise, but that would be such an indepth game to play.
That would be a huge undertaking, and not really suitable as a suggestion, but an entirely new game. Speaking as a fan of Port Royale taken place in the Caribbean Theatre, what you are asking would completely change the game, and may lose the interest of such fans.

I think what is meant by suggestions, is to implant things within the realm of the game. Your suggestion would be very suitable for something like Colonization, or Civilization. It’s just simply too big for this game. Wink
Dont get me wrong, I loved Port Royale 2, amazing game but I feel that the games are too introverted towards their particular areas whereas in reality there would be a lot more coming from Europe etc.
It would change the whole dynamics of the game. That’s why they called it Port Royale. It’s a port in the Caribbean. Could you imagine the time involved in sailing across the map to all those nations you suggested. The Caribbean, and the Gulf is nice enough to play the game on. Anything larger would be too detailed, and possibly too cumbersome for the average Port Royale fan. I just think it would lose its flavor for something that vast. The attention to the Caribbean would be lost forever, in the name of a world dominance type of game that may already exist in many ways.
In Port Royale 3, are we going to be able to order buildings using our building supplies in the warehouse ?

Again, great ideas from all of you.
@slid: This is defintly not an option, because this would be a massive change to the game mechanics (especially the AI trading system) probably causing a total collapse of the economy. It's a little difficult to explain, but if that would be the case, the user would start hording building materials. That would cause a lack of building materials which are needed by the AI and so on....
You still have the opportunity to collect the needed materials, put them into your storage and sell them to the town (which still will influence the price) after you visited the builder.
Nevertheless, it's not even realstic to deliver the goods: Let's say, I want to buy something like a car or a house. Do I have to deliver the whole materials nedded to build that? I guess not.

Sorry, I get the idea of what you are talking about, but for PR3 it isn't useful.

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Good news about PR3, I still play 2.
Couple things I would like to see...
Ships striking thier colors, surrendering, when heavily out matched. A captain would not have let his crew be slaughtered in a battle he had no chance to win.
sailors from captured ships joining your crew, reputation and morale affecting the number.
Nice suggestions! My $.02 worth- I like PR1 better than PR2 so I'm off center

I would like the option to avoid wives, quests, and "see the guv" every time I go to port. Can we have a buccaneer mode and maybe a hideout island? The ability to start my own town IS very tempting and I am anti-social enough that the pirates life is for me! I MUCH prefer the multi ship battles of PR1 over the one at a time battles or PR2! I do not have to control EVERYTHING and can accept losing because one of my subordinate captains mucked up my awesome plans! I do like the idea of contracts for goods as well as free trade- this would better allow merchants to suffer because of piracy (30 Rum delivered in 6 mos to Tortuga pays xx gold, failure to deliver contract would cost merchant xxx gold...) opening up a whole new level of trading, spying, and piracy!

In PR1 you could click on a walking person in town and they would tell you generalities ( not enough wood to build etc.) How about the same, except ramp it up some - some people will tell you secrets for gold, who is plotting against you etc. you can ignore them and blunder on, but you could go broke trying to make them all tell you things like bad info and false tales (insert evil laugh here...)

just some ideas from the "other side"!
Just got a couple of ideas after reading moore4807's post.

How about after capturing a buccaneer and randsoming them back to their country the buccaneer plots against you, either by blockading one of your towns or attacking your trade ships. Kind of like when a governor tells you a buccaneer is setting sail to attack towns but this time against you. Maybe the buccaneer could put a bounty on your head, making other ships attack you. Or the buccaneer could join forces with other buccaneers to hunt you down, say with 5 Ship Of The Lines or 10 random ships, something along those lines. We all know in PR2 you can only control 1 ship at a time against 5 enemy, and lets face it, if you've been playing the game for a while its pretty easy to defeat them but with 10 enemy, that might make things a bit more interesting.
Breaking a blockade would be an interesting mission....either by sneak or force depending how far along you are.
tappy, moore and papa these suggestions are great. i find it odd that after you go to the gov to pay you for the ransom of the buccaneer, there's no "action" against you by the buccaneer or the gov. at least raid your own town (if you have one) or have 1 of your fleet engaged.
(11-01-2012, 12:08 AM)canucks33 Wrote: i find it odd that after you go to the gov to pay you for the ransom of the buccaneer, there's no "action" against you by the buccaneer or the gov.

Thats exactly what I thought. Basically you can get away with attacking any buccaneer you want. I just think it would be more interesting for the buccaneer to try to exact some kind of revenge against you. Perhaps he could die in a second battle (if you are victorious of course) so that he doesn't come after you again, thereby you gaining more reputation by killing a buccaneer. Or maybe after defeating him a second time you find a map to a secret stash of goods or hideout.

I'm just throwing out ideas here, maybe others can come up with something else.

A few more things I'd like to see in the new game:

1) The use of multiple resources to get a finished product.
i.e.: To produce Rum, you need Wood and Sugar; to produced Bricks you need Wood; to produce Clothing you need Cotton (Clothes) and Dyes

2) Building upgrades.
Instead of forcing the player to put down a new building when he / she notices the output is getting too low for his / her needs, upgrading the building might give the higher output for a reduced price.
Because of that, there's more room in the cities for housing.
Building / upgrading / output would be something like this:

level 1: 100% cost / 100% output
level 2: 60% cost, / 75% output extra
level 3: 40% cost, 75% output extra.

Thus after investing a total of 2 buildings, the player has one industrial building, giving the output of 2.5 industries.

Thorin Smile
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(13-01-2012, 02:01 PM)Thorin Oakshield Wrote: A few more things I'd like to see in the new game:

1) The use of multiple resources to get a finished product.
i.e.: To produce Rum, you need Wood and Sugar; to produced Bricks you need Wood; to produce Clothing you need Cotton (Clothes) and Dyes

If they did that you wouldnt be able to make a profit producing anything because you'd be spending all your money buying the goods you need to produce other stuff.

E.g. prices for goods in my current game at Turk Islands

Buy Sell
105 100 Wheat
92 88 Fruit
91 88 Wood
101 96 Brick
137 129 Corn
232 224 Sugar
173 160 Cotton
231 223 Hemp
741 716 Meat
637 603 Clothes
342 330 Rope
342 330 Rum
343 327 Coffee
245 229 Cocoa
209 198 Dye
211 200 Tobacco
666 630 Spice
666 630 Wine
671 616 Tools

If by doing what you suggest and needing wood and sugar to produce rum the total price to get the two goods would be 323 (wood 91 + sugar 232).The rum we've just made would be sold for 330, a profit of 7. Factor in the cost of hiring a captain to transport the goods and you come out pretty much even.

Another example, needing wood to produce bricks. Cost of wood 91, selling price of bricks 96, profit 5. Once again factor in cost of captain and your pretty much even again.

The only plus side in my current game would be producing clothing from cotton and dyes. Cotton 173 + dye 198 = 371 Cost of selling clothes = 637 which makes a profit of 266 (637 - 371). Factor in cost of captain and you still make a profit.

I guess they could change the prices so that a profit is made by doing it but as it stands it's just not worth it in my opinion.
i think they should implement an easy raw material tree and a more complex raw material tree since
in the previews i read there is talk about a action mode and a trader mode depending on the mode (difficultysettings?) one of the two should be used

I guess they could change the prices so that a profit is made by doing it but as it stands it's just not worth it in my opinion.

The other option would be to have one raw material available on site, the wood for example. you would still have to own a lumber mill and import sugar.

Even having one raw material on site still wouldnt be viable.

Wood = 0 + Sugar = 232 = 232
Rum = 330 - 232 = 98 profit

Factor in inexperienced captain at 5 gold per day on a 10 day trade route = 50 (not forgeting over time captains become more experienced and cost more per day)

98 - 50 = 48, thats not much of a profit

Let's go to the extreme here and say you have an highly experienced captain
That's 55 gold per day on a 10 day trade route = 550
Profit of 98 - 550 (captains fee's) = -452, now we're losing money

Like i said before, it's just not worth it in my opinion
pr3 is in part based on patrician 4
there are productions like wood->salt->(+hemp)->fish or iron+wood->metalgoods->(+hemp)->pelts ...
and the longer the production line the higher the price (and profit)
it is not a question if you make enough profit the question is IMHO are long production chains it to complex for a more action oriented game ore can there be a usable compromise
(17-01-2012, 01:38 AM)ecocasaubon Wrote: Tappy - keep in mind that it doesn't have to necessarily be 1:1 ratio as far as input materials to outputs. In PR2, colonial good production used 0.1 Tools:1.0 Product, right? PR3 could play with the ratios of input to output to tweak the economics.

Also I think your example above assumes that the captain is only selling 1 unit of Rum. If you have a shipload of 100 Rum, the inexperienced captain nets about 9,750 profit and the exp. captain nets 9,250, right?

Yes that is selling 1 unit of rum. Of course if you have 100 units you are going to make a profit but what if you have only just started making rum? You are not going to get 100 rum everytime. Let's be more realistic and say 20 units of rum are produced during a 10 day run. Your total profit will be about 2000.

I'm not saying that a profit can't be made, my point was that it would'nt be worth it for so much work getting the extra materials, I guess i didn't get my point across as well as i would have liked.

I also did mention in an earlier post that things could be changed so that the profit margin could be increased but as things currently are in PR2 i just dont think the extra work is worth it for such small returns.


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