Your suggestions
only available for PC at the moment...Xbox and PS3 still has to wait for the patch...
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(19-12-2012, 03:54 PM)Dorimil Wrote: only available for PC at the moment...Xbox and PS3 still has to wait for the patch...
About the radial menu:
I'm rather sure this was patched into the PC version after we thought this console feature is really powerful! I think this was available all the time for consoles Wink (PS3: 'Triangle' - XBOX360: 'Y')
(the original intention was that this was a console only feature ^^)

Best regards,

Forget my suggestion about cycling through palaces Tongue
Why didn't anyone told me this sooner??? the hours i spent loadinbg the city and the sea map just to check if there was a mission/boat for sale/etc Tongue

*tips imaginary hat* Thank you Big Grin
(19-12-2012, 04:28 PM)Daan Hugo Wrote: About the radial menu:
I'm rather sure this was patched into the PC version after we thought this console feature is really powerful! I think this was available all the time for consoles Wink (PS3: 'Triangle' - XBOX360: 'Y')
(the original intention was that this was a console only feature ^^)

never played the console i must believe it! Tongue
Lebe jeden Tag, als wäre es Dein Letzter! / Live each day as it would be your last!
It is extremely difficult (impossible?) to select a ship when it is near a city (and cancelled attack). Clicking tends to enter me into the city (which is painfully slow). Need to make a clickdrag-to-select, or better yet make the "ShipsAtSeaUnassigned" truly that and only selects those not headed somewhere. Currently I have to cycle between 30 convoys to be able to select.

Attacking cities boring. May as well make it a video (which can be disabled) graphics are cool so you should make it a skill-based thing (sea and land), but right now it's just a time-suck. Or at least allow me to go back to the NavalMap without cancelling attack on city. (But don't make attacking cities as much as a time suck as Patrician3)

Whenever selecting idle convoys (at sea and at port), I wish it selected in order of most recent idle to longest. Should be easy and this would help a lot.

When I own a city, the warehouse does not tell me deficiency of building materials. This is rather inconvenient. Please fix. Thanks!
(19-12-2012, 01:15 PM)Falko Wrote: 5) you can reach the shipyard with the town menu on the worldmap threfore repairing convoys without entering a town is possible
This is possible on 360 version too; the only things you *have* to enter a town for in the 360 (Assume PS3 is same) is to create a convoy, and to create buildings. AFAIK everything else can be done from the dial.
Convoys can be created from the naval chart too! Press R1/RB to open the ship list. Select a free vessel and - here you go Big Grin

Best regards,
Hi there I am a Port Royale 3 Gold Player. I did not get the standard disk then buy the addons. I bought the gold disk. (You know what I mean).
Some ideas that I think would be great in Port Royale 3 are below.

1. You can enter pirate hideouts without having to attack them. (You have to be a pirate or else they attack you)

2. If you play on pirate life then you will notice that over time you can actually reach over a few million people in a hideout. I think that the 'tents' have a max amount of people just like houses or 'residential areas' do.

3. This one is a bit complex. Firstly you can go to a random place on the map and then hide men and cargo there. If someone else goes to that exact area then they will get what you put there. If you are a 'dreaded pirate' then you can drop off 500 men and 200 wood and 200 bricks then you can choose to build a pirate hideout where you 'hid' the stuff. You have to be a minimum of 'dreaded pirate' and you have to be enemy with at least 2 nations. If you build a pirate hideout then suddenly decide to stop pirating and become a merchant or business man then your hideout revolts and becomes another pirates hideout.

3. Definitely you should have to buy your cannons instead of getting it with the ships, and that you don't have infinite heavy cannon balls.

4. I also think that during a naval battle that if your ship and your enemy's ship get close enough then your and their people fire muskets at each other. This does have a few restrictions though. Firstly you will have to have men and muskets, and secondly, only men that are not working the cannons can fire with the muskets.

5. I noticed there are farms, but only plant farms. There are no animal farms! (except for meat farms)

6. When you attack a city and win, there should be another option with what you can do with the city. You can burn it to the ground. You don't plunder or annex it. You burn absolutely everything to the ground. But you can't attack cities that are in rubble. The only building that is not destroyed is the manor or town palace. If you try to burn a city to the ground then you must also fight the businesses and resident areas (unarmed) workers. The city will then have to start from scratch. No matter what, you can not wipe a city off the map.

7. There are loads more ships and pirate ships. List below: Pirate versions of every ship. (Except Liners because a pirate never had one)

8. More goods:
The animals that are produced in farms

9. You can place towers where you like (They must be within ship fighting range of the sea and must be a certain distance from other towers) and also that there are more types of towers.

10. You can clear trees to make more building spaces instead of just the green spaces that the town starts with.

11. You can donate ships, cargo, men and even towns to other players, country or pirate at any time you like.

12. You can trade with merchant vessels. (Including other players)
First you right click on their convoy and when your ship goes to their ship there is an option of whether you attack or trade with the vessel.

13. The crew tab is renovated:
It now shows your crew in little boxes with details next to them.
Lets say you have 650 crew on your convoy.
200 of them have been in your convoy since the start of game.
200 of them you got a game year ago.
200 of them you got just a few seconds ago.
50 of them are natives ( I will explain them later)
So there would be one box which shows that you have 200 'beginner crew' and how good they are at certain things.
There is a separate box for each level of crew.

14. You can get natives ONLY from Corpus Christi. Their bows are NOT more powerful than your muskets. But their arrows can switch from poisonous to fire and back. Downside is that they are very hard to get.

15. Last of all is that you RARELY find a new teacher that can teach a certain skill level of your crew (Only a certain 'box' of crew) a new EPIC skill. Example: Swashbuckler (360 degree spin with a cutlass).

16. There are a few more players in Lan multiplayer: Light blue, Purple and Pink.

17. The host of a Lan server does not have to be blue.

18. In Port Royale 2 (This is not an advertisement) a Man 'o' war (Liner) was rare and epic, though I was quite disappointed that in Port Royale 3, they were really easy and very cheap. I think all ships should be re balanced in their prices and strength. Also in Port Royale 3, the Liner should be far rarer, harder and should be around half a million doubloons.
At least in my opinion.

19. There are more people in the inns and there are more different types of missions you can get.

20. Pirates can give you missions.

21. You have reputations with pirates.

22. You can only build pirate ships if you have a pirate 'reputation' in the pie graph.

23. You can only build war or military ships if you have a privateer reputation on the pie graph.

24. If you have a trader reputation then you CANNOT build pirate or war/military ships.

25. Trade fluyt ships (They are ment to be spelled 'flute') have 6 cannons max. (Like most of them did)

26. You can hold ships, convoys, cargo, businesses, residential areas, etc for sale.

27. Your crew have morales.

28. The pirates always have their flags. (I sometimes see Blackbeard (Edward Teach) with Anne Bonny's flag).

29. Ten minutes of time in multiplayer manual battles.

30. The men on your ship need food!

Thanks for reading thins guys!!! I absolutely love Port Royale 3 and I play it all the time. I hope it is possible to add all of these!
By DrOvi
To whoever is reading this.

Please vote me up so this is added to Port Royale 3!
Hi DrOvi and welcome to this board!

Thanks for the very good feedback - I guess you've played this for more than just an hour Tongue
I guess any further changes on PR3 are rather unlikely, but that doesn't have to mean your suggestions are useless - I guess you know there are some thing similar in our latest game Rise of Venice and maybe in future projects too Wink Anyways, your suggestions (which I do like pretty much!) tend to point at another direction, as I got the impression that I would be a pirate - not a trader anymore. However, this still might work similar to the current pirate scenario (just image it without any goal so it would be a little bit more like the regular free play mode).
Some of your points would not fit together - or maybe need some rework. For example: Combining points 6 and 14 would lead the player to destroy his/her chance of getting natives. So, a rework suggestion on point 6 might be the following: "Burn to gound" just leaves a min. of inhabitants and they need to rebuild the city for a while, so it won't be available for several month. Otherwise, different problems might occure by burning down the towns, like what happens if you destroy every town with the ability to produce food? Does everyone have to die then? Furthermore, options like "fighting unarmed workers" might be some kind of controversial Tongue ...but all in all these are some great ideas and I look forward too more from you soon Smile

Best regards,
Ok ok ok. That was quite interesting.
Believe it or not, I am not usually a pirate. I am usually a half privateer half trader.
I see your points.
But I just wanted to know if the reason that this might not be added is because Port Royale 3 is not played enough.

When you said what happens if all citys that make food are destroyed will everyone die, well there are several things that where forgotten. Firstly imagine how hard that would be, secondly there are traders and military convoys that always come from Europe, thirdly why not just add that you cannot burn every single town to the ground?

The reason I said that you have to fight unarmed workers is because when there was still colonies in the new world, most of the workers where unarmed. Well maybe some of them should be armed, but I don't think they should be armed like the soldiers are. Besides you only fight them if you want to burn the city to the ground. But you do not fight five percent of them in case you win so that they can rebuild their buildings.

I noticed you also said that all these ideas would make you feel like a pirate. Well I was going to wright my ideas for the traders.

1. There are Cannon Foundry's that make two cannons a day. (Not to fast, not to slow)

2. There are cannonball, chain shot and grapeshot factories.

3. There is a fishing 'hut'.

4. As I said before "You can trade with merchants at sea".

5. There can be a 'lack of workers' icon over a town in the naval chart.

6. You can trade with pirates at sea. (very rare if you are a merchant)

7. The steward can automatically buy raw goods from the docks. (This was in Port Royale 2)

8. There are merchants in the inn, and they ask you for a convoy. If you give one to them then they will go, trade, and come back and give you some of their money.

Well those are my ideas for the trading section.
I personally think that if loads of epic things are added to a game then you will get loads of buys, Like me! (A Port Royale 3 GOLD player)
Take Minecraft for an example.

Thanks for reading.
Oh yes I forgot to add one ship to the request.

1. Clipper
This ship is the FASTEST!
Cannons: 20
Knots: 17-20
Crew: 100
Maintenance: You decide!
That ship definitely MUST be added. Big Grin

2. Why not add a few 'secret' ships that you only very rarely find in merchant, military or pirate convoys?
This ship should be between the Man 'o' War and the War Galleon.
When I say a 'secret' ship I mean like a ship with the name of SOMEONE in the Port Royale 3 development area.

3. How about a new ship which is quite unique.
Name: I have no blinkin' idea!
Men: 500 (Yep more than the Man 'o' War, but just read the rest cause this ship is meant to be a 'man cargo' ship)
Cannons: 26
Cargo: 800 (No exaggeration)
Knots: 6 (That's slow!!!! Yep it's a very wide ship to hold all those men and cargo)
Thats all I can describe about this ship.

4. Oh yeah and this is what the man 'o' war (liner) should have.
Name: Man 'o' war
Cannons: 60-80 (C'mon the real ones had 50 on each side!
Men: 300-400
Price: $500,000 - $1,000,000 (Yep that's right)
Model: Make it a bit bigger please! It looks small!
Handling: 50% (They are huge!)

5. The pirate hideouts should be able to have more than just 900 men (Max should be 1200)

6. Pirates can attack pirates

7. Lets say you are sailing with a war convoy. If there is a battle close to you then there should be the two cutlasses and if you hover over it then it shows who is fighting in the battle (By flags). Then if you want to join then you right-click on the cutlasses then you join the battle. If you chose to fight in manual or automatic then to choose which country or player you fight then there should be a box on the left side of your screen and it shows the flags of the players, pirates or countries fighting. Next to each one is a box. Click on the box next to the flag to choose whether in the battle your other ships attack them or not.

Thanks for reading!
(I should start demanding money for my ideas) Big Grin
Please respond.

Again, some very good ideas! Big Grin

(05-04-2014, 03:23 AM)DrOvi Wrote: But I just wanted to know if the reason that this might not be added is because Port Royale 3 is not played enough.

Well, PR3 has been released about 2 years ago and in the meantime we've released some PR3 DLCs, Rise of Venice and Rise of Venice -Beyond the Sea.
However, I don't konw if there will be a PR4 or any similar game in future, but I always appreciate ideas Wink (Compare our latest games and you'll see it wouldn't be unlikely that some of those ideas might be a good addition to any of these games.)

Best regards,
Can you add these ideas though?
If you do, then you are epic!!!
Big Grin

The only place where I can add those ideas is on my list for future project - and this have already been done Wink

Best regards,
You mean you added these to your list?!!?
If you did,
Sorry for caps. Smile
Hello, my very first post here and I haven't read all the other posts in this topic
so perhaps some of these things have already been suggested...

There are obviously thousands of features that could be added to the game but I think focus should be put on improving
what's already in the game, with that said here are a number of things that bother me while playing.

I dont think the + and - buttons in the "Edit my strategy" window next to the 100% and 120% buttons work as intended.
They increase the current value by 5% instead of the production value. Pushing the + button 4 times does not set the price
to 120% of the production value but instead to:

For example wood production value is 33, 120% is 39 and 4x pushes of the + button is 37.
33*1.05=34.65 34*1.05=35.7 35*1.05=36.75 36*1.05=37.8

Next is the warehouse assistant, that cannot be set to buy and sell only specific commodities, instead he buys/sells ALL
commodities at the specified cost, the steward would be much more useful if he could buy and sell each commodity for a specific
price and until a maximum quantity is reached just like a ship on a trade route.

Merchant ships put up too much resistance! What kind of death defying mad men are these traders? They should strike their
colours much more quickly when they are at a disadvantage, I don't want to shoot at them and risk their precious cargo and they
certainly don't want any trouble at all, their pathetic salaries won't justify such foolish bravery.

These are some of the less complicated suggestions I have but there are many more things that I would like to see improved in
this game, I could probably go on for hours about it...
And I gladly will if you want me to Smile

I hope there will be a PR4.
Hi GX-Q7!

First of all, I want to welcome you in this board Smile

The first suggestions are not mentioned the first time, so I'll keep that on mind while planning any project with such features.

Quote:Merchant ships put up too much resistance! What kind of death defying mad men are these traders? They should strike their
colours much more quickly when they are at a disadvantage, I don't want to shoot at them and risk their precious cargo and they
certainly don't want any trouble at all, their pathetic salaries won't justify such foolish bravery.
Big Grin A great way of looking at things Big Grin
Well, this was intended -even if your point of view is valid. The reason why we did this that way was that the player should not become too rich too fast. With raiding merchants marching through the ranks would be done in no time. So, you can look at this as it is some kind of protection Wink

Quote:These are some of the less complicated suggestions I have but there are many more things that I would like to see improved in
this game, I could probably go on for hours about it...
And I gladly will if you want me to
Feel free to do so Smile I'll read any suggestion and discuss them if necessary. In addition, I'll write down all useful ideas in order to mention them during the planning phasis of upcomming projects Wink So, I'm curious about your next suggestions Smile
Hello Daan Hugo.
Thank you for your quick response! always very nice when your posts get fast repliesBig Grin

So many things that I want to suggest that I don't know where to begin but I think the sea battles are the most disappointing part of the game so I want to start there.
I need some time to formulate my ideas, I will post again later. Smile
It's been over a week, far too long.

I have spent maybe as much as 75% of my total game time fighting sea battles, not because I enjoy them but because they are a must and because sinking ships take a lot of time. They are always an important part of the game wether you try to avoid them or not.

Lets summarise what sea battles are like to an experienced player.

Keep your distance with a fast ship and you can single-handedly and without taking any damage destroy or board any three other ships, even three ship of the line. With enough ships in your convoy you can keep a HUGE supply of ammo and with only eight sailors aboard a ship you can fire in SUPER fast five? second intervals. During battle the status of the enemy ship is clearly visible by display of crew, sails and hull status, so that you never have to take any risks and there are never any surprises. If an enemy vessel ever opens fire you can usually avoid getting hit all together by making a sharp turn. Avoid their fire, shoot their sails to tatters and proceed to massacre their crew and at no point during the massacre will they consider surrender.

If one were to make changes like...

*Only as much ammo available as each ship can carry indivually.
*Round shot is no longer an unlimited resource.
*~10x longer cannon reload time.
*~5x faster velocity of missiles.
*No or less knowledge of enemy ships current crew/sails/hull damage status.
*Variety in NPC ships crew count.
*Ships surrender when they are "defeated" and not only when hull damage reaches a certain point.

...then sea battles would possibly offer more of a challenge in my opinion.
Changes like these (or other/similar changes to increase the challenge) could have been made during a beta testing phase of the battle engine, not sure if there was large scale beta testing?
So my first suggestion is more beta testing, more is better up to the point where it becomes a hassle to handle all the beta-testers input.

Next up is the issue with AI.
Unless the AI can perform the same actions as a player there will never be enough of a challenge for an experienced player.
AI development is tricky because no matter how much time you put into development a player will always find the chinks in the AI's armour and crush it mercilessly.
My second suggestion is therefore that players be allowed to externally modify or write their own AI scripts that can be shared within the community and that the game NPC's can "steal" these to use as their own, as they see fit.
Such an option could potentially eliminate the need for the Automated or Manual control choice, make larger convoys more viable and boost longevity of the game considerably.

Many other features could be implemented to enhance the tactical elements of combat such as;
Weather & wind, night & day cycle, retreat, ship customization, reduced ability of beating windward etc. the list goes on.
I don't think it's hard to come up with what features could be added but instead to limit them down to the most interesting ones.
I'm sure that Gaming Minds' designers could figure these parts out well enough on their own, it only takes is a bit of research into age of sail naval tactics and you'll be overwhelmed with possibilities.

I'd really like to see Gaming Minds create a naval combat simulation game in the age of sail. Seeing as how most of their games seem to feature age of sail naval combat such a game could be developed to be incorporated into future releases.

What do you think Daan Hugo?
Also, in what way were you involved in this game's development?
I don't see your name in the credits but yet you write "we did this" or "we did that" all over the place Tongue
It would be nice if you introduced yourself somewhere on the forum so that users know who they're talking to... maybe I've overlooked such an introduction? Smile
Hi GX-Q7!

Thanks again for the suggestions! Smile

Regarding Battles) Well, we had lots of internal discussions about that until we made the desicion to implement it like it is now. We got lots of feedback about the PIV naval battles from the community which we tried to implement in PR3.
Your points:
- "as much ammo available as each ship can carry": That's how it works now. ...or are you refering to combat vessels only?
- "Unlimited round shots": This would be very frustrating as soon as you're out of ammo.
- "Longer reload time": On the one hand, it would make the game more realistic (as real naval battles might have a duration of several days), but on the other hand, it might get boring for players who want rather short battles (would be most frustrating in multiplayer matches).
- "No or less knowledge of enemy ships current crew/sails/hull damage status": I like this idea, but this would be a feature for battle experts only. I know there a some players out there struggleing to win any of those fights. Without those information they wouldn't do any better and would get frustrated in no time...
- "Variety in NPC ships crew count": This would lead to a weaker AI and I'm not sure why this should be recommendable.
- "Ships surrender when they are "defeated"": How do you define defeated in this case? Do you mean pirates should react like merchants to battles?

Regarding "beta testing": Yes, there has been a closed beta even with some Patrician and Port Royale experts and due that we got some good quality feedback about the battles. Based on that we did our best to implement those ideas and suggestions.

Regarding AI: Good points - for experts they might be a little too easy. ...but instead of modding (not possible [in a useful way] for PR3) I think options with handles to adjust their behavior would be more transparent to the player.

Regarding "tactical elements":
- "Weather & wind") have you seen the battles in Rise of Venice? Wink
- "night & day cycle") We've decided to leave that out because of the fast change in date. (This would have lead to a 'disco-effect')
- "retreat") This is possible, but may lead to a loss of your fleet. (Especially in MP games we thought that retreat is a 'dirty' way of fighting (as not participating player have to wait) we wanted to punish players who want to do that.) Another reason why this won't be a good idea is that your opponent might attack you again after you left the battle - and an opponent could do that again and again.
- "ship customization") Most players zoom out to max. Except for the sails there wouldn't be much to see... What do you think? What exactly should be customized?
- "reduced ability of beating windward") This should work fine right now. If you want to reduce it even more, this would (most likely) extend a battle without having an impact on the outcome...

Regarding me) Well, like most folks I don't like to register at any board with my real name ^^ I guess there is no introduction about me Big Grin ...but I'm sure to be credited and to be on the photo as well Wink

Best regards,
i think he means that you can only use the ammo the actual fighting ship can carry. it could be a possibility for professional lvl, but i wouldn't implement it for normal dificult lvl! Wink
i have played a similar game, where all types of ammo were limited. it is extremely frustrating to run out of ammo, especially if your enemy is nearly sunk. leaving a battle with the enemy left with 2%HP is awefull! Big Grin

@beta testing
we had a lot of discussions about the sea battles...believe me! Big Grin the problem is to get them as easy, that a new customer dont get into problems and as difficult that it is challenging all the "pro's". the battles becomes easier, but after launch there was a lot of feedback here in the forum, that the battles are not easy enough. there was even the wish to an option to switch the pirates off!

Wind is included in the sea battles since P4 (and earlier), or do i mismatch something?

nevertheless i like your thoughts about the game and hope it is as funny to you as to me!
*Edit* This turned out to be a huge wall of text, sry about it but Im too tired to format it right now, maybe later...

Nice to see you join the discussion Dorimil Smile
Also nice with another quick response by Daan and a big post too, I shall have to reply in kind Tongue

All of my suggestions were based on the reality of naval engagements in the 16th century and the idea was that they would compliment each other.
I'll admit that reality may not always be the most fun or best suited for games, that being said I still feel that a little bit more realism could do this game good.
I'm not an expert on naval tactics and what I know is mostly what I've read here: or here: there are loads of other great sources online too!

Regarding ammo and cannons
My thoughts were that the heavy use of cannons was not only making combat very repetitive but also a bit too unrealistic. In 16th century boarding was the main form of attack, cannons were a compliment and it was rare that you'd shoot at a ship until it sank especially considering that early cannons were unable to do much damage unless fired point-blank and hit above the waterline (if you hit the water the ball will lose its power very quickly).
If a ship is at 2% hp the crew should certainly surrender immediately if you board her and even be thankful if you save them from drowning.
Combat vessels should not have access to ammo stored aboard other vessels in their convoy.
"real naval battles might have a duration of several days" I have never read anything about this, it would be possible but I assume that fighting would be very hard when night falls and you cant see very well. Please if you a source where I can read about long engagements over several days I would love to read about it!
I think a larger focus on boarding could make engagements much quicker.

Regarding less intelligence on enemy ships.
Especially of the crew count, perhaps a spy has told you their exact number but from just looking at a ship through a telescope it should be impossible to tell anything but the minimum and I think this could be an interesting feature if you were able to customize ships by allocating the space within a ship for either crew, cargo or cannons and thus be able to surprise your enemy by having a cargo ship filled with sailors bursting out from below when you get close enough to board.

I forgot to mention earlier that boarding action is a little too quick, 200men killed in 2-3sec wow Tongue , and when I mention "surrender when defeated" it's mostly the that there is never any crew left alive when you board but also that if you shoot chain-shot until "their sails are in tatters!" and then approach their, now nearly immobile, ship very closely and continuously fire grape-shot until you have enough advantage to board they never surrender during the grape-shot onslaught.

The issue with making the battles simple enough to be enjoyed by beginners yet offer enough complexity and challenge to more advanced players is something that I think can be done by reducing the amount of crew aboard ships when you play at a lower difficulty level and maybe by giving some ships a weaker AI but using different AI on each difficulty would make a transition from one difficulty to another more problematic if a player cannot utilize the tactics he/she learnt from an easier difficulty level.

Regarding AI:
"not possible [in a useful way] for PR3" maybe for future releases? Smile
"options with handles" not sure exactly what you mean? it was my intention that AI scripts would not include the full code but rather use a specially made API. Is that what you meant?

Regarding tactical elements:
It would require a some work to implement more fancy features and that's why I didn't go into great detail about the things I listed.
Tactical elements would preferably be known to a player before a battle begins, such as weather and wind direction and it would require some changes to the "Caribbean map view" part of the game and I was going to keep it to the naval battle part for now but I will surely write about that some time later on. Smile

Wind was hugely important to sailing ships of the 16th century. In the game ships travel easily in any direction and that's a bit unnatural. "Most could sail not much closer than 70 degrees off the wind." - wikipedia(first link at the top)
A sailing ship facing the wind is more difficult or even impossible to turn around if it has no momentum.
Also when two ships sail parallel to one another the ship in windward position would be able to fire at the ship in leeward below the waterline, to cause greater hull damage, because of the wind tilting the two ships to one side, this can also cause water to wash in over the cannons of the ship in the windward position in rough weather. There are probably more things that I'm overlooking here... like I said, I'm not an expert. Wink
I can definitely see that implementing wind to it's full extend can be both problematic and possibly a bit boring, still it was one of the most important factors in naval engagements.

Retreat is in my opinion important and I think it's a bit sad that you cannot retreat even if one of your ships is faster.
"your opponent might attack you again after you left the battle"
If a ship is fast enough to retreat from a battle it should also be fast enough to avoid getting caught on the "Caribbean map view".
I assume that's what you meant? still this is an issue not with combat but with the "Caribbean map view"... do you have a better word for that part of the game? Smile
Perhaps we shall have to move the discussion to that part of the game...

The kind of ship customization I was thinking of was mostly not visual but being able to fit more cannons at the expense of cargo space, or remove cannons to fit more cargo, maybe remove cannons to make the ship lighter and faster. The kind of things that allows you to specialize a ship for a specific role, perhaps redundant if there are enough ship types but it could be a more accessible way of getting a ship type that you want since ships can't be produced in the Caribbean.

"have you seen the battles in Rise of Venice?" just a little bit on youtube. But I guess I'll buy it soon enough Big Grin

I think I managed to cover everything... I hope that clears some things up but if not, just ask!
Looking forward to any responses on this. Smile
Hi GX-Q7!

Great feedback - again Big Grin

Regarding battles) Well, I didn't made it clear when I said that real battles might take several days - the battle itself doesn't take longer than 1 or 2 days depending on the number of participating ships (wiki: list of naval battles), but it will take a lot of time until the vessel is under water (The ammo was not exploding and the holes have been rather small. Additional they had to be just a few inches above the water level so water could get into the ship. Furthermore, it is likely that the crew tried to repair such holes.)

Regarding "options with handles") In the options there chould be a section called AI (or similar) with several entries which can be modified. Pretty similar to regular options, but with more AI specific possibilities. An example might be the aggressivity which can be set from 'friendly' over 'regular' to 'ruthless' (maybe with more steps). This would be more transparent to players than scripts and in additon this can be handled better in multiplayer matches.

Regarding "retreat") Yes, basiclly that's what I meant. I'm going to use "naval chart" for the whole map. Wink You have to consider all possible situations for this. For example: You're facing a pirate with three slow ships and you manage to escape with one of them within the battle. On the naval chart the time is paused and after an battle you would get back to the naval chart. At this point, you still have your 'slow' vessel and you're still right next to the pirate - he'll get you again, even you would make some yards until that...

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i dont know if someone mention about these or not
1. I want duel like PR 2 on next project
2. I want wind compass not just flag
3. easy build for buildings and road (Patrician series). I cant delet Road in patrician 4. its annoying
4. my Last suggestion, RELEASE PR 4 and PATRICIAN 5 ASAPWink
(12-07-2014, 01:28 PM)p2099 Wrote: 3. easy build for buildings and road (Patrician series). I cant delet Road in patrician 4. its annoying

The Roads are formed automatically and can be deleted by demolishing the buildings that they front. Getting them to maximise the number of buildings is part of the game play.
This thread about building outside city walls, gives an explanation and an insight into how it is done.
i try it already, when i found other road that just allowing us building-gap-building-gap, i try to deleting building that make it, it fail, road still appear. I check on save game (the link on someone else post), i can see it undeletable.
I think a multiplayer platform would be awesome forma port royale
(29-11-2015, 10:37 PM)Ivanoskysiberia Wrote: I think a multiplayer platform would be awesome forma port royale

There is Multiplayer - LAN and Online. Select from main game menu.
(24-08-2011, 11:54 AM)Daan Hugo Wrote: Ahoy!

This thread will be the contact point for your ideas, wishes and suggestions regarding PR3.

I will read and note every suggestion, but have on mind that not every idea can be implemented.

Please understand that I can't answer every question at this time.

We are already curious about what is important to you in PR3 Smile

Kind regards,


it is 2015 and thus a lot later than 2011 - this post of Daans

I like many other people I wish to see a port royal 4. But don't expect to see it. Poor return $$wise for effort required I suppose.
For me at least I wish it to remain pretty much as is - it is perfect almost.

Things I would like to see are -
-same or similar engine that has the sea view and town view separate - "rise of venice I like but country's look more like the next town instead of the next countries city - it is good but even having to select town or sea map is better. Better perspective.
-has the same way of, in town view, right mouse and moving point of view almost anywhere
-like to keep the individually placed buildings - you place yourself - even the distance from home to work or market or wharf make a difference in towns performance or yours in it.  
-the music is fantastic,
-having a wife is fantastic - especially if you are retired and single like most males
-the sea battles are brilliant - one improvement would be as in "Rise of Venice" have an extra, 5th, "scram" choice as your beaten up ship or ships have to stay in the fight - most unfortunate. Nicer to issue scram to them.
-just love the voices all of them especially the friendly priest or clergyman in the churches when you wan't to have a festival.
-the sea view having the sea graphics as in "grand ages medieval".
-like to keep the beautifully crafted buildings
-would like to see more reactions or AI between governors and player as in (don't shoot me) ascarons first port royal with missions to sink other enemy vessels fetch booty from known ships such as wine shipments etc and a heavy fine if you need to get in good again after menacing towns etc. But I suppose there may be a copy right problem although ascaron are no more so shouldn't matter.
-the town view gets very slow and jumpy as the town grows very large but that would be a price for such detail in the flora and fawner etc - rather have the slowness than simpler drawings as in "rise of Venice" etc so slowness is ok if we get the beautiful trees and buildings.
-the town view land battles are perfect cannot see how to improve it. The long time 12 or so days t do it is good to - makes you get all your missions finished and your towns all self sufficient with trade routes or large stock.
- would like to see your wife kidnapped etc with their Fathers asking for your help to rescue her etc or fetch medicine as in the original game
- the fire works at dusk with the brilliant viewing option is superb.
-You may think I love this game - you betcha
-the auto trading method cannot be beaten in my opinion except maybe have a choice to take from your stocks and supply your own towns although you lose the feel of what is going on in each town if you do this.
- I cannot see a way to avoid the tedious but necessary trading which is both enjoyable yet so time consuming - just necessary and is probably why this game and similar ones do not get high ratings. This game consumes a huge part of your life if you let it but I wouldn't change anything unless it is possible to (hugely good as it is) have all new towns and beaches etc
-I for one don't wish to see captains sword fight unless an option to not do this, same with sid myers pirates and the dancing - although I found that very good at first.
-perhaps have your father in law take more part in you as you steal his town and sink his ships even with a letter of mark - say he gets really angry with you and puts you in jail or something as currently it is just maths. Sink a few pirates and all is well again.
- I love it and can't get enough future versions.
-my favorite game is "the last of us" then "lost" then "port royale 3" then "port royale"  "rise of venice"  
- I haven't found a way to win with ""Grand ages medieval" as with port royale you can raid the treasure fleets sink enemy fleets and sell the boats - raid pirate lairs and get there booty and the sea battles are mostly winnable when you learn the technique - so lost interest in that game but it is brilliant visuals.
- would like to see the ability to take over all a nations towns instead of having to leave 2. Instead have, at a later date, if you have all their towns, say France, and a huge fleet of the disposed country sail in and fight you regardless of the status between you and it. IE they come from France say 20 or 30 fleets or given a deal for some towns back to France or whoever before they attack you. Of course you would need many captains at level 5 fighting wise, and very well defended towns and also have your supply's all sorted.
-Come on boys you are so talented and yet unappreciated by some gamers but I and think your pretty good so don't retire yet as this trading is a good basis for a game. To see your businesses grow and you make millions and reinvest in more businesses is very good. That introduction in ascarons first game was perfect describing the games goal. Most of the comments you get which are terribly discouraging as they cannot see all the thought and detail and I would think are from 8 year olds or spoiled unimaginative minds.
Cool just a thought - come on guys and gals another port royal -- er 4

nothing beats hands on - visiting towns yourself etc but a new ship mode ??? be able to choose a boat - say a sloop - cheap to run - that you can select a run -- all the towns - just some -- your choice but saving you choosing a vesel and going from town to town to check taverns, for missions maps etc, governor for missions - a bit like "rise of venice" have a flag pop up if there is something worth visiting yourself instead of the captain of the boat so you can concentrate on the big picture more.

could be in the trade choices

maybe you have to get to be the ruler of the seas before you can do this.

in the towns - make it so the placement of the buildings has a bearig on the speed of things in that town eg if a house is a long way from the timber mill then less production occurs due to travel time to the job from home and back-- maybe that already happens but i havent taken the time to see. Best game this. -

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