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How can I merge two "threads" of sequences?

Essentially, I'm trying to build a challenge that requires you to build every single available building on the island (because I'm a little OCD like that). So that people can do a bit more at once, I split it into two "threads" or "tracks" or whatever of sequences. But, I need to merge the "threads" at the end so that the win condition is only triggered once you have finished both "tracks", and thus built all of the possible buildings.

Is there an innate way to do this? A way to have a task check and see if another *sequence* is completed before triggering, rather than just another task?

If not, then how can I 1. make it so you can't build some particular thing for the rest of the game (I'd prefer a potted tree as the final thing in the other track), 2. make it so that you *can* build the thing once you've reached the end of the sequence it's in (as in, triggered that sequence, then built everything else in it), then 3. make the "win" sequence wait on you finishing both the sequence that triggers the "win", and the sequence where you build the tree?

If not, can you think of some other way of accomplishing my goal?
(26-04-2013, 03:30 PM)Presidente Bob Wrote: Can someone please explain how to make a beach for a dock, because my beach doesn't let place one.

If you, ya know, still care:

fiddle around with the "level terrain", "smooth terrain", and "lower terrain" buttons. You should be able to use those to sculpt a nice dockable beach.

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