2.79MB Update?
Every now and then Dungeons TDL shows me a download and install update option that says it's 2.79MB.

What is in this update and should it be applied to a steam purchased game?
I don't have any update personally :/
This is the second time it's popped up on the launcher. I keep hitting the 'Later' button until I find out what it is and if I should install it or if it's a mistake of some kind which seems more likely since you're not seeing it.
Since I don't have that, I wouldn't install it yet.
What's your game version? The Addon is now at 1.0.1 and the kalypso Launcher should be

The changelog for 1.0.1 is in the news displayed in the kalypso launcher.
The launcher says Dungeons The dark lord 1.01 and I've not applied the update, I've pressed the later button both times that it's come up.

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