Review of The Dark Lord expansion
Just thought i should add my own little review(sorta) of this game.
I wrote a little "first impression" post awhile back, but now that i played some more hours(well, actually ALOT) with the game, i figured it was time to give a bit more feedback from my point of view Smile

I played the original Dungenons and really enjoyed it so i had high hopes for the expansion, the developers didnt let me down.

Once i installed the game i started with the tutorial, i noticed right away that even the tutorial was rather well designed.
Playing as Calypso escaping the prison was a nice touch to mix the main storyline into the tutorial, guiding new players how to play the game and teaching them game mechanics along the way.

Once i had done the tutorial, i started up the campaign, and i must say i had a good laugh at the intro video for the campaign Big Grin
I have only done a couple of campaign missions so far but if they keep the same storyplot/humour-style, i am sure i gona enjoy it alot.

With the original Dungenons i loved playing sandbox-maps, so after the first 2 campaign missions i started on sandbox-mode to check it out.

First thing i noticed was how "hard" it was to gain decent amounts of soul energy compared to the original, after a few tries i figured out how to adjust to the new system though Smile
Really enjoying how its not so easy anymore, compared to the original, now you need to think about how you spend it.
Especially early in the game this seems very important (hmm, a new rank of a skill, or that gimmick??).
As i continued to play in sandbox-mode i noticed several nice improvements to the game; height difference on the maps(you actually see tunnels go up and down etc.)the ability to play as the 4 different lords(with different skills, so they feel unique), new and interesting gimmics for different rooms and so forth.

As for the graphics it seems its more eyecandy in the expansion, "stuff" look much more crisp and nice.
Tunnels and walls and magic for example look much more nice now.
I even noticed that on one of the wall gimmicks "quidquid agis prudentes agas et respice finem" is written, according to google that means "Whatever you do, do cautiously, and look to the end" in latin
Nice touch to the game stuff like this.

I noticed the dungenon lords also yell battlecries now, just like the heroes, a welcome addition indeed(Rise my skeletons!) Big Grin

I was also very pleased that dungenon-layout seems much more important now rather than just randomly placed gimmicks and rooms everywhere, now you are truly rewarded if you create a nice dungenon layout.

Currently i am playing on a sandbox map where heroes have reached lvl 20, i got a nice good farm-operation going, letting those heroes enjoy themselves before i cut them down with my 900% prestige modified Zombie King Big Grin

This ends my little review thingy, thanks for a great game guys and gals, keep it up!


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