How to make money fast?
So I love this game and all the past tropico games. I wanted to know what everyone's ways are to make money quick.

I find myself always buying a mine, and relying on that, which takes a while.

I tried for the first time to not build any, mines, logging camps, etc so i would't piss of the environmentalists off...

So I build 4 plantations set for tobacco and once they produced, I was actually making bank and able to build all the more expensive building early on in the game.

What are your idea's???
I tend to build a single cannery if i make some industry, but more often than not i typically grow bananas, and papaya and maybe a couple ranches, that makes me enough money to get working on tourism and media, by the time thats running smooth, the food just feeds my people
Booze Baron
Find a good place for tobacco or sugar to grow and then just wait a few years for the money to come rolling in! I rarely build mines or logging camps anymore because the environmentalists are so annoying and until modern times you don't really need them.

I do think this part of the game is too easy but I guess being in debt all the time would make the game boring.
Booze Baron + Nuclear Testing is the quickest way to start making tons of money quick. You'll have just enough money to build a Rum Distillery and hire 2-3 more factory workers before the first ship arrives with enough left over to pay for 500 tons of sugar.
Mines, and logging camps, there pretty fast in getting cash, not a lot of waiting.
And the booze baron is actually optional. Do this.
Start a map with relatively normal settings.
Edict nuclear test.
Immediately place a rum distillery and set the wages for everyone down to 1, and your builders at 2 or 3.
When the factory is built, scan through your tropicans and make sure you fire all your high school workers so they go to work at the plant -- generally you don't need to do this but often times 1 or 2 highschoolers are stubborn and happy with 1 wage pay. Usually you will be 3 or so workers short of a full factory. Set their wages down to just above the builders.
Set your factory to get imports.
After you get your import delivery, buy a second dock. Ya, you will most likely be well into the "red". Hire the remaining 2-4 factory workers from abroad, too. Deep red.
Edict humanitarian aid as soon as possible.
Upgrade plant with spice rum.
Build infastructuer 2 bishops, 2 police. Hired from abroad.
Increase everyone's wages back to something reasonable
More money
1 customs officer set to export. 1 TV reporter set to learning with larry.
Third dock
add another factory, tobaco is probably best bet. Set to import as well.
Launch advertisement campain.

not my text, just copy and pasted it a while ago... fastes way to get a whole sh**load of dollares Wink
That's a good fast start guide RadioFM. Booze Baron just makes it cheezy and kinda boring.
If you like to diversify your industry (and need a lot less docks that way) go with Chief of Police and Incorruptible plus Vigilante for 100% no crime (yeah as if that's not cheezy too ;p ). Green Thumb for less pollution complements everything nicely.

EDIT: Forgot to add that Salt Mines are nice. They never run out like other mines so you can build like 3 or 4 around a single salt deposit and never worry about demolishing anything. Also they do NOT anger Environmentalists like normal mines. Finally they give a 20% boost to Ranches near them (hmm not sure if boost stacks for more than 1 salt mine, probably not, yup it doesn't). Supposedly also boosts Canneries, but it seems bugged, never seen it give any bonus during placement (like ranches) or afterwards.
If you want money QUICK - meening adding extra capital the first two years, then you start with logging camps and fisheries, you get those products pretty much asap in differ from farming where you wait 1-2 years for things to finish growing.

When you got logging camps you can expand your industry with logging mills and furniture factories. But counting $ / worker you make more on canneries. But logging camps get you going pretty fast.
Use the aidcamp to keep the population at bay without having to invest in happiness.

Build a restaurant and a clinic before the aidcamp disappeares or you will get too many rebels.
Political views:
Enviromentalists (++)
Intellectuals (+)
Communists (+)
Militarists (+)
Capitalists (+)
Nationalists (-)
Loyalists (--)
Religious (---)
He just wanted the fastes way. I don´t think that there is a faster way;P
That it is getting borring to start like that over and over...
You can take every resource to get your economy started. (tourism is a fast way too, 3 motels, bar, 3 other cheap entertainment structures = MONEY)
What RadioFM said.
Industry Rush is the best. Booze Baron is the fastest Industry Rush.
Then it's Gold Mines probably if you're lucky with placement.
After that is probably my Salt Mines + Ranches. Or Tourism, depending on Avatar picks.
Every resource eventually works, but these seem the fastest.

Also wood is the only industry with 3 stages and that sucks. Low profit margin.
And Restaurants do not feed people properly. They satisfy food need, but not hunger need (people will die). After Aid Camp goes you need a Marketplace (or farms, ranches, fisheries).
I recently posted an alternate money-making method in the "bug reports" thread but it appears it didn't get much attention. It's not particularly "fast" and people might say it's cheating but it is something.
I find that tourism gives you fast income too.
One thing that has been reported somewhere here before, but might merit a mention:

Change your two starting Farms to Papaya before letting any time pass. In the first few years, you will likely have more production from those Farms than you can consume. Papaya will export for a higher value. I find it makes a key difference in my balance sheet early on. Generally, I also see that the start location is fairly amenable to Papaya as well.

i'm feeling the overload on farms and a few supplement ranches to generate quick cash that i can parlay into industry.

also, define fast? first year? first five years? different strat for different years!

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