Customers should be aware of this list
So to all the preorders (like ME): Be aware of this list:

1) No Turn Based combat
2) No Fog of War (TERRIBLE DECISION,thats kill a tactical game)
3) No more custom mercs with I.M.P
4) No more item customization (No more being Mc Guyver)
5) Only 1 attachment for each weapon.
6) Les weapons as in the original
7) Climbing on buildings only on predefined spots
8) Explosives only on predefined spots (Very VERY disappoint me)
9) No more weekly or daily salary for your mercs
10) No learn-by-doing, training or practicing
11) Unrealistic portraits (You can only recognize mercs by name)
12) Simple Interface (Watch the Screenshots)
13) There is no longer a Map Inventory.
14) No more usable vehicles like Skyrider or the Icecreamtruck
15) No bloodcats
16) No mortars
17) No cut-scenes like "Elliot, you Idiot!"
18) No more decomposition and no more ravens
19) No more "Aim time" for better shoot precision
20) Les mercs as in the original

I REALLY love Ja / ja2 but this game is NOT Ja (Imho)
This Tread is especially for those who have played only the demo. You cannot know what is missing on the strategic map! This is just to inform you! Feel free to preorder, after you read this!
Build your own opinion if this is Jagged Alliance for you.
Of cause this is a List of things missing, I hope you can think for yourself what has been left. This isn't a haters Thread this is just pure information!

List updated Wink
This remake is more depressing for me than the Civilization series going from fantastic in Civ 4 to mediocre in Civ 5. As far as I am concerned JA2 still has no sequel.
Really nice list of all things which would be important to me and which i expected in the one or other way, so i won't get it Sad
Before anyone rips my head off...

Think of this game as a start.

the OP has kindly made a list that if used as a template for the developers could well get us jaggedites another bite at the apple.
whereas i agree this game right now is severly lacking,its also a top notch start to possibly revive the genre for us all,old and youngling Wink

admit it...even in this condition the game got the juices flowing again...after so long dormant
I hated the demo, but am really enjoying the game. A fan of squad tactical games since Rebelstar Raiders and Laser Squad.

My feedback/feature requests after playing (and enjoying) JA:BIA for 8 hours:

1. World map inventory management.
2. Middle mouse rotate camera please.
3. Expanded camera angles. Sometimes I only find out that my prone merc can't target an enemy because there is something in the way when I try to take a shot. The models look great, so why can't we zoom down closer to the Mercs Line of Sight?
4. Esc key should bring up Load/Save menu... kind of a UI standard.
5. Repairing should be able to be done on inventory management screen (but still in real time)
6. Limited fog of war. Instead of all or nothing I would like to see a compromise. When there is no Line of Sight there should be an indication of the rough position (maybe based on noise/movement/perception/proximity etc). Eg there is someone in that room, might be more than one. Rather than there is one enemy crouched behind a desk and another covering the door with a smg etc.
7. Squad management should be easier. Multiple clicks to split and make new squads is tiresome.
8. More mercs please! I wouldn't mind paying a couple of $ for another 40 or so as a DLC...
9. Suppressing fire needs more work. A heavy machine gun should make the enemy dive for cover... there should also be a mental/perception/marksmanship penalty when a merc/soldier is being suppressed. Maybe there is a new 'perk' such as Fearless Under Fire...
10. Delivery truck. When you order online you should be able to pay extra for door to door delivery. Maybe there is a chance the truck is ambushed.. a nice little side mission... there could be a couple of playable armed guards on board to help repel any attacks... maybe you can pay more for more guards etc etc
11. Militia management. A single screen for hiring/firing/relocating/arming NPC militia.
12. Grenades. Under arm roll and the ability to 'cook off' grenades.
13. Different shot types (aim time/accuracy). Precise shots (slower), snap shots (quicker), suppressive fire. Regardless of stance (though affected by it).
14. Shoot till dead.
15. Separate movement & aim directions. Like Frozen Synapse, a merc should be able to sidestep or back up whilst aiming in another direction.


Hi everybody! Thank you very much for your constructive criticism and feedback. Please be sure that we and the devs are ready what you are contributing and try to implement as much as possible so that Jagged Alliance: Back in Action will become an even better game. As an example, the studio has already implemented a broader variety of camera angles (very high / over the shoulder) and a new LOD for ground textures.

Many greetings,
A few updates to the "Aware" list:

-No ability to remap keybinds (being able to rebind the pan/move camera buttons would be a real asset, especially for those of us that use the mouse in their left hand)

-Armor has virtually no durability and cannot be repaired. (This means after a single battle you need to run home and buy more of it, every. single. time. Worse the armor durability even for the most expensive armors is only 10, meaning it won't survive more then 2-3 damaging attacks before it's junked and needs to be replaced.)

-C4 is useless except for blowing holes in walls (How about letting us use it as a tactical weapon and giving it a damaging blast radius?)

-Law/Rocket Rifles are useless against troops (I emptied a full 5 rocket rounds against a squad of enemy soldier and they missiles passed right through them without detonating or inflicting damage even on "certain to hit", even when I manually force fired at the ground next to them it still inflicted no damage what so ever to the troops)

-No mod tools currently available (It'd be nice to have a map maker and mod tools ala JA2.)
Thanks for the inspiration! I personally have played the games you suggested and agree that they all have something worth thinking about.

Of course it would be great if Jagged Alliance: Back in Action could spawn new interest in the gaming community for the series and the genre. Keep your fingers crossed!
(14-02-2012, 10:27 PM)Kalypsochris Wrote: Thanks for the inspiration! I personally have played the games you suggested and agree that they all have something worth thinking about.

Of course it would be great if Jagged Alliance: Back in Action could spawn new interest in the gaming community for the series and the genre. Keep your fingers crossed!

we are all still out here,suffering the reguritated fps and panderware games.
our wallets being sucked dry by ever unsatisfying games released by huge companys only interested in pushing chopped up rubbish.

10 minutes into this game and i was digging out everything from xcom to ufo extraterrestrials looking for that old hit of tactical gaming.

i sincerly believe theres a massive group of the old guard waiting and an even bigger amount of new gamers who have yet to see the joys of playing a game that requires thought rather than thumbs sticks.

just look how long the bear pit and the like have been around.

Amen. I wish I had read your post before buying. I feel major buyer's remorse now.
Add me to the Jagged Alliance do still not have a sequel list, I did not know that it was not turnbased and horribly gutted like this. Here is to hope there will be a new try where they do it right.

Yes, should have tried a demo first, but It had the Jagged Alliance name, there was no reason to expact that it did not have TURNBASED COMBAT, and it to be that gutted of good features..

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