Is it worth buying now? What mods should I get?
I was very excited when JAIBIA first became available, and the demo looked so great, but the gameplay turned me off. All my annoyances were pretty much in line with what reviews said - dumb AI (both friendly and hostile), crappy pathfinding, weird hangups with controls and general gameplay, etc.

Now that JAIBIA is up to patch 1.11, how is it? Did Kalypso address the commonly reported issues? Also, if I were to buy the game, are there any "must have" mods I should be mindful of?
(30-04-2012, 05:14 PM)Makarov Wrote: Did Kalypso address the commonly reported issues?

Kalypso is not the original publisher, that's bitcomposer games, Kalypso is co-publisher but the development was handled by bc games.
But I think you will be pleased to read this:

Interesting, 1.13 looks good.

So, what about the mods?
(01-05-2012, 04:58 PM)Makarov Wrote: Interesting, 1.13 looks good.

So, what about the mods?

Blue Dawn is literally necessary to enjoy the game. I did a fresh install after 1.13 and it didn't take long to realize I forgot to add this mod back in, it makes that big of a difference. Fixes goofy weapon ranges, accuracy, damage, and aim time/rate-of-fire, does a few other important tweaks, and adds in dozens of new guns.

There's a mod that is similar to the custom merc thing from JA2, the Institute for Mercenary Profiling. It's actually less a mod and more of a utility you use out-of-game to replace an existing merc with a custom one, really adds a lot to the game I think. Not compatible with 1.13 yet.

Real Weapon Stats is a weapon rebalancing that makes the game more deadly. Highly recommended, designed for compatibility with Blue Dawn. There's also Firearms Rebalanced that makes more extreme changes and affects AI behavior, gameplay becomes more tactical. Both work with 1.13.

Real Weapon Names/UI fixes, you should only use the UI fixes and keep the weapons from Blue Dawn and others. The UI fixes correct typos and fill in missing information (the key to xxxx in yyyy, whereas yyyy was blank for many pick-ups).

All of these are available in the modding subforum at

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