Port Royale 3 - crash reports and technical bugs thread
Disregard above post. NVIDIA came out with a new driver update on 3/28/16 (version 364.72) and now the game will launch and run!
Hi EndUser.
Thank you for pointing this out!
Really much appreciated!
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I started a new game using random production with 10 ships - ?? top money - I think 60,000 or 600,000?? but I picked max pirates.
I have progressed ok but no pirates??? I am a fleet admiral and have acquires 3 towns now . also married??

This is the first time this has happened but it seems Pirates aren't coming.
I get the fellow in the tavern selling me a hideout location which i bought but in the town view and at the mansion or town center it says or shows no pirates have been observed.
Should I keep playing and see if they show up ??? I don't think they will as they usually appear after you have forced a town take over and that has happened twice but no pirates -- a bug maybe???

Also the birds flying around look like they should be on a branch of a tree or the ground as their wings don't flap as they move through the sky above???
First thing to check is your game patch level latest should be 1.3.2

Then Pirate spawning depends on your difficulty level and if you choose Pirate activity in the game set up options, and your wealth and standing in the game. They also tend to come in batches. Have you checked the Chronicle Pirate TAB - see what Pirate activity there is. They could spawing but the AI players are getting there first.

As to the birds - check your video drivers are up to date - the birds do glide alot but also flap a bit too, check the short video

[Video: https://youtu.be/XdxNf_8PssM]
thanks for the reply.

my game is at 1.3.2-30048 bs
I checked the pirate tab - greyed out and says no pirate activity
I have the difficulty set to user with pirate activity at um can't remember high activity?? the highest anyway.
The drivers are a good idea but I have other games in progress - PR3 - all with high pirate activity and the pirates as you say come in batches but mainly they are there and thank the lord.
But your video I watched and saw how the birds should be by mine aren't I took a snapshot in my steam version of the game - i have 3 purchased pr3 games - wanted the map and instruction manual etc - but I prefere the PR3 gold via Kalypso any day - but both or all - ah now there is a thought I will go and look at my lap top one and see the birds in it?? - I also bought more games as the sea view screen stopped working properly - no boats no features and that turned out to be I had the 3d option on somewhere i shouldn't. A new graphics card fixed it - but was the 3d option.
anyway other pr3 games ie within the game - I mean saved games i load - all have the pirates going so it looks to me like a DLL file is corrupt as there are the stationary birds in the game also - and it seems that the game is picking the wrong file??

Only difference between my games I can load is the "random production" and the start finance - I chose the greatest one - 10 boats and lots of money - so I can form a battle fleet early and capture a treasure fleet which I did. Maybe that's it.
pirates have finally turned up - a lot later than normal though. Minutes before I became Ruler of the seas - and 5th march 1551. Game started 1st april 1550
How do you take a video of your ingame action like you did with the seagulls flying . Want to show you the wrong birds.
The one I used is Ice video "Freeware" _ other apps are available. Search Video screen capture
I'll be derned!!! I discovered what has happened with the wrong birds ???? I have the time down to zero then look in the towns.
That's when you see the wrong birds mode - but if you hit the plus button and get .1 time or what ever the birds change and start to fly --- I bought NCH's debut to record the wrong birds. How about that.

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