Port Royale 3 FAQ

Last update: 07/23/2012

Latest version of Port Royale 3:
- DE-Retail/Download: 1.2
- EN-Retail/Download: 1.2
- Steam: 1.2
(Start with Kalypso-Launcher and active internet connection required in order to update your game!)

What are the system requrements for Port Royale 3?
•    OS: Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista (SP2)/ 7 (SP1)
•    CPU: Dual Core
•    Memory: 2 GB RAM
•    HDD: 3 GB free space
•    Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 PCIe (Geforce 7 Serie, Radeon X2000-Serie), 256 MB, DirectX 9.0c
•    Drive: DVD-ROM
•    DirectX 9.0c

How to start the game?
Variant 1: PC is connected to the internet

1. Enter your product key while you start the game for the first time.
2. Create an online account.
3. For each time you want to start the game you will have to log in first.

Variant 2: PC is not connected to the internet

1. Enter your product key.
2. The game starts.

Variant 3: Using a digital distribution

1. Please contact your digital distribution.

Is an internet connection required in order to play Port Royale 3?
No, the game starts after you entered the product key.
Is your PC connected to the internet you will have to create an online account (e-mail adress and password).
The internet connection is only needed for starting the game. During a single player game no data will be transfered.
Nevertheless, it is recommended to use an active internet connection in order to get the latest updates automatically.

What is the Kalypso-Launcher good for?
It is needed in order to log in and start the game. Additionally, it supplies news, patches and content updates.

The Kalypso-Launcher won't start! What should I do now?
For problems with the Kalypso-Launcher it is recommended installing the following components:
[b]Net Framework 3.0[/b]

[b]Root Certificate Updates 2011[/b]

How do I update the game to the latest version?
Updates will be downloaded automatically by the Kalypso-Launcher as far as your PC is connected to the internet and you are already logged in. In case you got you game from a digital distribution, please contact your digital distribution for further details.

Do I have the latest version?
The version number can be found at the main menu in the bottom corner on the left hand side. Compare this number to the number mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Am I able to install the game on differents systems and use them with just one account?
The game can be installed on as many PCs as you want, but it is not possible to play on different systems with one account at the same time.

The game won't start. Why?
Please read this FAQ very carefully in order to identify the issue.

It is really important to know when exactly the problem occures. There are the following steps:
1. Istallation
2. Product key input
3. Kalypso-Launcher
4. Game start (main menu)
5. Game start (ingame)

Furthermore, be sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your hardware and service packs for your operating system.
In case, your problem still occures contact our support.

Where to get the latest drivers for my graphics card?
Go to the web site of your graphics card manufractor and check for a newer version of the driver for your model.
(Nvidia, AMD/ATI)

How to create a DXDiag.txt?
Press 'Windows + R', type 'dxdiag' and press 'OK'. Answer the next dialogue with 'yes'. After loading is complete you are able to 'Save all information' at a directory of your choice. This will create a DxDiag.txt.

After/While installing I get the message: 'The Port Royale 3 setup assistent has been completed ahead of schedule' (or similar). What now?
The 'Rollback' happens as long
a) the Windows firewall is deactivated
b) the Windows firewall service in your local settings is determinated.
In order to fix this the Windows firewall can be deactivated, but the service must be activated. As a result the installation should run just fine.

On the naval chart I got some graphical issues. What shuold I do?
Well, this can have several causes. Make sure you got the latest graphics driver (e.g. white sqares or missing GUI) and deactivate the stereoskopic 3D-view (in your graphics driver; e.g. no water on the naval chart).

Windows XP: I can't start the game - not even the Kalypso-Launcher. What should I do?
Right mouse click on your 'Computer' - Properties - follow the steps below: (This will expand the virtual adress space for processes. This could be important for modern applications.)
[Image: http://gamingmindsstudios.com/kalypsomed...ptions.jpg]

Kalypso Media Support

We will need the information:
- Product name in the subject.
- If possible the excact error message and a detailed description of your issue (preferdly with reproducion manual, dxdiag, savegame and screenshots).

Tel: 0049 (0)6241 50 22 40
Fax: 0049 (0)6241 50 22 41
Mo. - Fr. 11:00 - 16:00 Uhr

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