Maximum population?
I've been spending alot of hours on a sandbox game.
It's the biggest flattest random island available so I have alot of space.

The only problem I have is that i don't have enough workforce.
My population is now around 1480 and stay's that way. The only way I can have more people on the island is if I hire import.

Since money is not a problem (1.75M exoprt) I would'nt mind to pay to keep all workplaces filled. The maximum number i got was 1540 and I'm already paying about €10.000 per uneducated worker.
Again this is not the problem but after 1480 people they won't stay (they die probably and no new immigrants or births happen)

I have enough food marketplaces etc. (people don't die because of it)
Overal happiness is around 80%
Hospitals (about 10-15) are all at the 50% chance of birth. (forgot the name)
The interor or general edict about this (conception?) is on.
I tried setting the immigration office to No Export or Open, it still doesn't matter.

In short: Is the max. population 1500? And if yes is there any way to make this more, like in a mod or something?

My island is far from finished and I would like to continue but is impossible without a bigger population.

Any ideas/experiences?

Was googling with the wrong keywords...
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yea, 1500 is max, though you can get it higher..

highering people is one way, But you also need hospitols set to obstetricts, and birth control ban edict active. It used to add a person or two a year. I think i have gotton to about +50 people over, but that was back before when the cap was a bit lower, but i guess the tricks still work.

There is a mod, made by swixel, that uncaps, and has some other modifications. I'm not sure if there is a mod that just uncaps the population alone.

If you want to try a big island with 1500, try messing around with the jobs, Imports, exports, tourism, media.. and spreading things out. 1500 is a good amount, you just have to watch what kinda buildings you have.. Lots of grade schools is a good way to take up space, and make your islands look bigger.

More police stations, and fire stations, close off all but 2 slots, and get good coverage, a larger military base also is a good way to take up space. Close off a garage worker slot will free up 20-30 people as well.
(23-05-2012, 10:00 PM)Tropije Wrote: There is a mod, made by swixel, that uncaps, and has some other modifications. I'm not sure if there is a mod that just uncaps the population alone.


It only removes the population limit and road limit. The reason I raise the game entity counts is because if you exceed them the game goes into a quiet/polite crash. Since that number was calibrated against the limit (factor, say, an extra 500 or so people (300 people over, +200 tourists), and a load more trees), you need to raise it too.
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