Tropico 4 Launch from Steam Help
I just bought Tropico 4 from steam and have no idea how to get past the wretched launcher. No instructions in the manual and the launcher just displays a picture with no hint about what I'm supposed to do. I entered the email address and password from logging into this forum, but no go.

Happened to try it when the WLAN card was disabled and the game launched immediately without the launcher username/password screen. Thanks for putting in this handy workaround, but I would like to have a solution to this problem.

I would like to see complete instructions for getting this game to work on the launcher instead of the picture. What do the email address and password mean? I've seen posts saying that they thought you wanted the password for people's email addresses. Obviously this should be a wrong assumption, but putting some documentation instructing what you're looking for isn't a bad thing.

I did not find any instructions in the steam copy of the manual either. You may have put something in the Retail release, but your steam package has nothing as far as I've seen. Did I not get an email I that should have gotten? I did check the steam page again as well as my email and the junk mail folder.
Set the computer to a higher resolution and saw the section to enter email and password to register.

Moderator can close this. You need a resolution higher than 1024x768 to see the full launcher gui.

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