Crash to desktop: Drassen cleared
I cleared drassen, but after liberatiing 40% of the map and returning to talk to the priest from the cannibles mission I am getting a crash to desktop.

There is an "idle" enemy in drassen that is green in color "squad I", but they never turn to "red". Drassen is controlled by me,but if I enter the zone it crashes to desktop.

I have steam, and checked all files. I am running the latest version as steam forces the updates. Basicly at this point I cannot complete any missions in Drassen.

Win 7 x64
nvidea 460 gpu
16gb ram

no other problems except this strange idle enemy.....
I'm having the exact same issue, but with Cambria and a green unit (which I assume is the enemy) which is marked up as "R".

Odd, as I'm almost completely through the game. There's no current workaround as I have a squad there in anticipation of an enemy squad heading there, and I cannot pull out my mercs quickly enough to let it auto-resolve .. assuming that would even remedy the situation.

Please either release a fix or tell us what to do. It's completely killing my ability to play the game any further.

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