Patchnotes (
Changelog Version

Ship editor
- X’or destroyer with two medium modules are now shown correctly in the layout browser
- Medium armor values slightly increased, all armor has slightly more mass
- Shield reload rate, energy values and costs adjusted
- Repair range of all repair modules slightly increased
- Repair modules now need more energy
- Costs of military stations and weapon platforms increased
- Fixed a bug that ship component’s mass was not correctly added to the ship’s mass
- Fixed a bug that caused the layout browser not correctly refreshing and clearing when changing the race
- Changed some panel textures for all races

- Fixed a bug that could cause orbital structures to be built inside the planet
- Optimized planet management
- Optimized ship movement

- X'or EP 3: Corrected spelling mistakes
- X'or EP 4:
o Fixed a bug that caused the artifact transporter to not move
o Modified several enemy fleets
o Fixed dialogs not trigger the correct speech output
- X’or EP 1: Fixed a fleetspawner that wouldn’t stop after clearing a X’or system
- X’or EP 1, 2, 3:
o Renamed ships and structures
o Weakened the final attack in EP 2
o Added missing “Episode completed” messages to EP2 and EP 3
o Fixed asteroid fields spawning without resources
- Arthrox EP 1: Renamed ships and structures

Fleet Manager
- Implemented formations
- Added custom fleet formations
- Fixed bugs in server synchronization of fleets when using the fleet quick create button
- Quick selection in star systems: Fleets, groups and single ships are shown in gray, if ships of this fleet or group are in another system

Planet management
- Added planetary shields
o You are protected against invasions if a planetary shield is up
o Planetary shields can be destroyed with bombardment
- Added bombardment
o You can bombard a planet when you have ships with medium/heavy turrets in orbit
o If a planetary shield is up, you can bombard the shield
- Shipyards are now equipped with a few small weapons
- Fixed a bug that caused the defense budget shift slider always resetting when closing the planet management
- Fixed a bug that caused ship modules in orbit not showing correctly when you have the same modules on different ships
- When in bulldozer mode, right mouse click ends bulldozer mode, instead of closing planet management
- Invasion modules are now correctly removed from the ship if used
- Transport modules are now correctly grayed out if they are not usable on the planet
- Added additional tooltip descriptions to the build menu
- Added tooltip infos about the building stage to placed planet components

- Added planetary shields and passive bonuses for shield resistances to the planetary defense technology tree
- Fixed a savegame bug that caused duplicating variables in mission savegames
- Fixed a savegame bug that starships on star lanes were not saved correctly. This could result in CTD when these loaded ships entered star systems.
- Fixed resources not calculating correctly after loading a savegame
- Fixed input bug with textboxes when capslock is active or holding down a key for a long time
- Slightly speed up savegame loading
- Spaceships keep a minimum distance to stargates for better selection and visibility
- Arthrox frigates can now be correctly built in small shipyards instead of medium shipyards
- Added unlimited turn time option to skirmish game options
- Added double click functionality to savegame loader
- Fixed a crash when trying to load an already deleted savegame
- Fixed several spelling mistakes

Changelog version

Ship editor
- You can now hide/show your layouts in the layout browser through the toggle button next to the delete button. Hidden layouts are not visible in the planet management tab but can normally edited in the ship editor.
- Weapon category is split into a Light-, Medium- and Heavy Weapons category
- Energy Systems and Engines are merged into the Energy Systems category
- Arthrox structures now centered correctly inside the ship editor
- Fixed certain default texts when no ship hull is loaded and after click on “new”
- Fixed a problem with Arthrox structure grids
- Fixed several template strings when auto creating layouts
- Added tooltips to the build menu register

Planet Management
- Fixed a bug that weapon platforms could not be dropped on the correct shipyard
- It’s no longer possible to drop a colony on a terraforming locked slot
- Fixed a bug that caused defense buildings not getting the correct defense bonus
- Added tooltips to the build menu register
- Fixed terraforming bugs and added more feedback when terraforming is in progress

- Fixed mission task panel out of visibility range
- Human EP 2: Fixed a bug that could stop game progression when colonizing planets too early
- Human EP 2: Added more info to the ‘explore starsystems’ mission goal
- Human EP 4: Added corrected tutorial text
- Human EP 4: Destroying the X’or station in Delta-03 will now lead to a mission failure
- Human EP 4: Delta-X’or now move correctly to the last jumpgate
- X’or EP 2: Changed economic start settings
- X’or EP 3: Changed goal descriptions, so that it’s clearer what you have to do
- Delta-X’or ships will now move correctly to Zeta-07
- Destroying the X’or attack before reaching Delta-03 will not lead into a dead lock anymore
- Fixed cut and overlapping text areas in the transmission panel on the left
- Inactive / blocked starlanes are now gray colored on the galaxy map

- Shield effects of human ships now trigger correctly
- Shield energy increased on all shields
- It’s no longer possible to self-destroy own ships during a battle (self-destruction in battle will return in a later patch)
- Fixed ship abilities on tactical display disappear when selecting an already selected unit
- Fixed a possible crash if bullets of already destroyed ships hit other ships
- General performance in battles improved

- Fixed not being able to see LAN games when multiple network adapters are installed in the system
- Fixed a bug that LAN games only appear in server browser 10 seconds after game is started

- Fixed a bug that dropped the camera in an unplayable area
- Fixed a bug when focusing fast moving units
- Fixed loss of selection in galaxy map
- Fixed camera “jumps” when zooming to units
- Higher camera acceleration in galaxy map
- Smoother camera transitions
- Focus Object key – Standard ‘F’ – Focus the camera to an object
o You can press F multiple times to go into different zoom ranges
- Added “Focus Object” key binding to the “Camera” section under controls

- Fixed empire management sliders not correct initialized after savegame loading
- Different possible crashes fixed when creating/modifying fleets
- Fixed calculation of race resources. Deep space structures on freighters and constructed deep space structures now count correctly
- Fixed different text templates in weapon tooltips
- Added scrollbars to technology management
- Added more sorting options to the planet overview of the empire management
- Fixed ship positions under medium and large shipyards
- Changed certain weapon names

Changelog version

Ship editor
- Fixed a bug that changed your currently built ships into another layout if you deleted the corresponding layout during build.
- Xor space stations should now work correctly
- Added a name suffix to different structures to reflect the actual structure level
- Fighter launchpad removed from the techtree, since functionality is working correctly

Planet management
- The construction of ships is now spaceyard size dependent
o Small Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates
o Medium Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyer, Cruiser
o Large Spaceyard -> Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleships
- Spaceyard tooltips are adjusted accordingly to the changes
- Spaceship and structure layouts are now grayed out if you don't have an appropriate spaceyard on your planet or if you don't have enough resources
- Calculations of build times for spaceship layouts and structures fixed
- Slightly changed planet slot tooltips to reflect the relation to associate buildings
- Fixed that a canceled ship construction would not correctly be removed from the shipyard
- Fixed a bug that could freeze all budget shift sliders on the sub categories

- AI should now look out for Xeno Ruins and is able to built Xeno Camps in the galaxy

- Human EP3: Fixed the research of xeno ruins goal not being fired correctly
- Human EP4: Renamed several Xor structures

- Kalypso launcher removed
- Fixed a crash if you destroyed orbital buildings in battle
- Fixed a crash when you explored xeno camps but has already everything researched
- Fixed a bug that the french version had no voice output in cutscenes
- Increased hitpoints of orbital structures
- Weapon tooltips: added infos about slot sizes
- Corrected several misspellings

Changelog version (27.08.2012)

- The complete planet management of the AI was renewed. AI should now build up effective planets and manage them correctly.
- Some methods for building more and better ships were included (the main AI update for ships and battles will be part of another patch)

- Human EP 1: fixed a script bug, not counting already build laboratories
- Human EP 2: added more resources to the asteroid fields
- Human EP 2: adjusted Xor fleet spawns (longer delay and no cruisers)
- Xor EP 1: Incoming Xor waves occure less often
- Xor EP 1: fixed a bug that caused voice output not playing for 2nd cutscene
- Increased average resources in asteroid fields
- Enemy ships should now appear with more layout variety

- Fixed a possible crash when overwriting a ship layout
- layouts of space stations and weapon platforms are now displayed in the layout browser under the structures tap
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game related to the shipeditor scene, when switching scenes after battles
- Small and medium space stations and weapon platforms can be build even though higher versions are explored
- Fixed a possible crash when deleting layouts that are not currently open
- Xor wapon names and descriptions corrected

Planet Management
- Fixed a bug that caused a false calculation of planet production points and state grant ( led to grayed out buildings although you had enough resources to build)
- Updated tooltips for planet buildings
o Added info about the planets max population increase when the building is being build on the planet.
o Added an info if the building gets a bonus from a special slot on the planet.
- Added additional tooltips to the planet management sliders, giving the player more informations what the sliders are showing
- Fixed “texture not found” errors with advanced colony modules from the Expansion techtree
- Colonies and Invasion modules in orbit are now grayed out if you are not able to use them on the planet
- Miningstations are now properly named

- Added French language
- Fixed problems with keyboard layouts (keyboard layouts are now based on the default language of your OS, not on the selected game language)
- Updated the Steam install script (should fix many problems regarding to the VC++ Redist 2010)
- Fixed a crash when destroying orbital buildings in a battle
- Xeno Camps do not replace each other anymore, so that you can build the level you need
- Xeno Camp upkeep removed
- Xeno Camp build costs adjusted
- Minor bugfixes

Patch (10.08.2012, 1PM GMT+1)

- Mutliple crashes fixed
- Fixed bugs related to saving/loading
- Audio settings are now properly saved
- Removed blockade in campaign
- Fixed some problems when saving ancestries
- Campaign rounds now have unlimited time

Changelog Version

- Ships can be self-destructed with ‚del‘ key (included in the key config)
- Cropped tutorial textboxes are working again
- Icons for components from extra techtrees are no longer invisible when build
- Changing your player name in the options now saves correctly
- You should no longer be able to cancel your opponents construction queue
- Needed technologies not available to research in the campaign, should be fixed
- Re-Enabled max player count for skirmish and multiplayer, but only one AI-Opponent possible at the moment
- Tooltips for ship hulls and ship modules not visible in some situations should be fixed
- Different savegame fixes and a minor bugfixes

Changelog Version (13.08.2012 7:00 GMT+1)

-Multiple crashes fixed
-More fixes with respect to saving/loading
-Fixed a bug that held ships in warp after battle
-Fixed bug that prevented ships from using stargates in battle (flee
from battle)
-Multiple improvements of UI, texts, etc.
-Plotstopper in human and arthrox campaign fixed
-Added version number to Kalypso Launcher window
-Added loading screens for most load phases
-Fixed a bug: The moral bars in your known planets overview could be
-Fixed a bug with productivity bars not showing the correct value in
your planet management
-Added antialiasing to video options
-Added vsync to video options
-Temporary removed battle options 'intercept', 'pass' and 'auto-solve'
from pre-battle screen. They should return when AI improvements are
-Removed a bug that enabled parts of debug overlays
-Fixed a bug that prevented the 'open slots' filter in LAN/Internet
browser working correctly

Changelog Version (15.08.2012 0:11 GMT+1)

-Fixed a bug that forced starting in turn 2 in all missions
-Fixed a bug in mission logger, not checking already colonized planets, if you have to colonize x planets

-Fixed that waypoints were not saved in campaigns (not working in older
-Fixed a bug that caused ships had more life after loading from savegames than before
-Fixed a bug: deep space structures in construction stopped being build up after loading

-Added port probing support (when creating a multiplayer game, the server checks if the game is reachable and gives corresponding feedback. If this happens, you should check your port forwardings)

-Fixed a possible crash when selecting multiple objects in starsystem view (ships, deep space structures, orbital structures)
-Fixed a bug that caused deep space structures in construction to work while they are completed
-Fixed a bug that objects in asteroid fields could not be selected
-Fixed a bug when building human shields on a ship extremely raised the shipcosts
-Hitpoints of corvette class ships reduced
-Added a max frame limitation if you are inside the mainmenu

Changelog version

-Fixed audio problems when cut-scenes and dialogues are canceled with ESC key
-Fixed health and armor of ships, not being calculated and shown correctly
-Additional fixes for waypoints not working correctly in Mission 2
-Planet components which are to expensive or unique buildings for a
planet are now shown as disabled in the construction menu and can not be built anymore without the required resources

Changelog version

-Fixed a crash when loading a savegame in skirmish/multiplayer

Changelog version

- Fixed a problem with texture stages that caused crashes after changing
between galaxy map and starsystem view and after battles
- Winning conditions for a skirmish or multiplayer match are now saved and loaded correctly
- Tooltips of buildings (planet management) and ship components (ship editor) display if an item can only build once on the planet or ship

Human Episode 2
- Reduced the fleet size of X'or attacks

Human Episode 3
- Fixed a bug, so that the „increase population“ goal can now be accomplish

Changelog Version

- Fixed a problem that caused crashes after battles
- Fixed a problem with „selfrepair“ components on spaceships
- Fixed a crash after loading some campaign savegames
- Fixed wrong model on a laser weapon
- Changed cryptic shipnames in the campaign
- The armor type is no longer displayed in tooltips of buildable spaceships
inside the planet management
- The calculation of the planets‘ population now includes the buildings fromthe extra technology trees correctly

Human Episode 3
- Fixed increase population goal
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