Sins of a Solar Empire has no serial?
Hi, I am Emre Acar and I bought Sins of Solar Empire retail edition from Turkey but game has no serial to activate via Impulse. Distributor is Kalypso I think in Turkey because I can see it's name on the box. What must I do? Thank you.
No answer? I contacted to Stardock support and they forwarded me to Kalypso Support and I contacted Kalpyso Support too but they are not answering me, this is so annoying? What must I do?
I Have similar problem I used the games autoupdate &also connected manually to Impulse They lost a disk with 1000's of serial numbers or something and thet got published in a magazine.
So they blocked every single Serial key.

I did update there before that happened,but since then theres new update.
I tried all the options they listed to resolve it but none work.

So I told them "I want a refund,as the product is of unmerchantable Quality & Service"
this was their reply.....

"Why dont you 1st try to work with us BEFORE threatining or insulting us"

I never threatened or insulted,obviously they employ a pshcho neurotic or a 12 year old.

So im taking legal action against the Publisher.

All who wish to Join to form a (block) (Mass Legal) action against STARDOCK.
Please just send a quick letter stateing "I wish to join the legal action against STARDOCK" to

As a block it will get more attention in the press & our claim Against them will be more effective,and re-imbursing all our related costs,from product,Wasted time (time is money) and All Legal Costs Associated.

Thank You.
They, do have a fair point, though. If you haven't told them that you've done every option, turning around and demanding a refund is incredibly rude, especially on their behalf. It's bad enough that they've lost a disk containing thousands of serial codes, they don't need people demanding refunds and stuff when they're trying their hardest to fix the game.

I've been playing SoaSE for about two years straight now and I've not yet had one problem with my serial code. If you'd used it on your Impulse account before the update or anything, then there should be no problem, they won't block serial codes that have already been activated before that disk was even around. So effectively in regards to yours, they are not at fault, and merely trying to fix a big mistake they have made by losing a disk. Put yourself in position of the admin staff at Stardust, having people say that kind of thing about refunds is gonna be like flies bothering them, instead of people like me trying to help them where possible.

Maybe it's just me, but people seem to jump onto the bandwagon of criticism and hatred far quicker with each passing year, especially against game companies.

because every year the game companies get worse. although i've always found stardock to be good. I am fed up of products that don't work (civ5) or that work better if your using a pirate.
The game companies complain pirates steal their work but they steal my time with the poor coding and in Kalypso's case no patches for their faulty product because they choose to only make them available if you have internet access on the specific machine its installed on.

of to use a steam copy of patrician 4 so I can patch it instead of the dvd I paid £30 for and can't use

fed up ex customer

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