No manual with GamersGate

I recently bought this game on GamersGate, but I cannot find the manual (looked in all the usual places). After contacting GamersGate support, they claim that the manual never was given to them and that I should contact "the developers". How can I get hold on a copy of the manual?

Quote: I'm really sorry to see that you experience these issues. If the manual was not provided to us, you can ask the developers directly for it. Cause if we are provided with it, you will get it on the account page, or in the installation folder (i guess you checked this folder as well)?
please contact the kalypso support via email.
but do you really need a manual for a classical point and click adventure which is controlled just by the mouse?
No, not for playing the game, no, but I am an afficionado. Also which other game has a tip which says there is an interesting recepy i the manual? ;-)

Thanks, Walt.

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