Crossfire Support

I'm a big fan of jagged alliance and have both back in action and crossfire.
I think the support for back in action was very good but for crossfire it doesn't exist.

The game was released and some quests are impossible because items dont appear and half of the achievements dont work. Also there are people complaining that some areas allways crash after conquered.

In the official forums of the developer there is no reply.

Can you give us some feedback please?
As far as I know the developers are working on a new project and only have limited resources for patches. Still, we are in constant contact with them and they are looking into the crash problems. If we find a solution for that, we will issue a new patch.
thanks for the reply.

As far as i know the problems are:
-half of the achievements dont work
-some quest items don't appear
-some areas crash after beeing conquered when a player re-enters them
-militia turns into enemies !?!?

For the first game the support was great and fast.
I'm just worried that for crossfire there was no reply at all.

Any feedback regarding a patch?

No feedback yet?
Was the game released and dropped ?

Could they at least fix the achievements?

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