Port Royale 3 - Update 1.3 available! + Changelog
Hi all!

The update 1.3 is now available and can be downloaded via Kalypso Launcher and Steam.


• F5 can now be used for quick save anytime
• Alt-Key will show all trading routes. Single routes can be selected by clicking
• Increased maximum amount of ammunition for convoys
• Several minor bugfixes
• Several balancing adjustments
• Introduced game speed x0.1 for multiplayer modes

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It 'solved the problem of locking the game on the loading screen when you exit a city or enter?
Thank you in advance for your reply.
i have tried to install it , but there is a windows crash. i retry so that can write exactly
(16-10-2012, 07:18 PM)Nessunowin32 Wrote: It 'solved the problem of locking the game on the loading screen when you exit a city or enter?

That issue was solved in the very first update 1.1 already. If this still happens to you, it may be due to an isolated hardware/software conflict. Please use the existing bug reporting thread and post your DxDiag information so we can be of further assistance.
the bus is:
"problema con il pacchetto windows installer. impossibile eseguire uno dei programmi richiesti per il completamento dell'installazione. contattare il personale di supporto o il fornitore del pacchetto."
translate in english... with google:
problem with the windows installer package. impossible to run any of the programs required to complete the installation. Contact your support personnel or package seller.

what i can do?
thank you

Just check out this page

Follow link top right if you need the Italian Version.
the windows fix ask that i must remove the program or not. i choose not and it say that the problem may be with the program...

I would suggest that you run the installer fix and let it remove the program - that should tidy up and then you can try to reinstall the game again.

Before reinstalling make sure that the PORT ROYALE 3 folder in APPDATA is deleted

Find APPDATA (type %APPDATA% in to the run command line)
Open the KALYPSO MEDIA FOLDER and there should be a PORT ROYALE 3 folder
If you have SAVEGAME ; TRADEROUTE folders MOVE or COPY them to someplace in MY DOCUMENTS
then delete the PORT ROYALE 3 Folder
it's all ok, i have reinstalled the program. at one time there was two PR3 in programs. i believe that when he say me that uninstall the program it do it, instead the PR3 was still here. i removed it after. i hope that there will no problem...
thank you
(16-10-2012, 01:34 PM)Dennis Wrote: Changelog:
• Several balancing adjustments

I would ask for clarification Smile
What I've noticed is mostly in the town defense, holding on to towns you have captured was very tricky. Now you can set one convoy to "Patrol" - automatic defense against attacking convoys. You get control over the building of town defences - fortress / number of soldiers. The AI seems to "spawn" less Military Convoys to attack your captured town.

Attacking a town or Pirate hideout - following an almost successful attack (town / hideout defence(s) very low) - an immeadiate second attack found the defence repaired and nearly as many defenders. That is now more realistic.

You have a "Councillor" in your towns to help you and point in the right direction.

Administrator missions are more evenly spread over building and supplying goods.

Treasure Hunts and Worried Women searches have been enhanced - when you get in range the spot is marked with a Buoy or other marker.

The Card Player is no longer an exploit - the winnings don't unbalance the rest of the game.

In Sea Battles chain shot and grape shot seem to do more damage to sails and crew. Boarding seems to be easier.
(07-12-2012, 08:36 PM)nosedigger Wrote: My game crashes sometime when I click on a task no matter if it's completed or open.

All you can is the standard :-

Run Windows Update - and apply all the "High Priority" fixes
Run Windows Update - and apply any Optional Hardware fixes
Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site
Ensure your sound card drivers are up to date - Check your manufacturer’s web site
Check your PC manufacturer’s web site for firmware updates

If you are still getting problems or crashes - then post your DXDIAG here - in tags #/# with any error message AND send it with a brief description to KALYPSO support. Then you have 2 chances to get help.

Click on START
Select RUN (This opens the RUN dialogue box)
TYPE - "dxdiag" - Click OK

This opens the DirectX diagnostic tool
Click on "Save All Information" - when the SAVE box opens save to a name.txt file

When you post the file use the Preview Post option and select "#" symbol - cut and paste the name.txt file after the "#"
then click on the "Close Tags" that appears at the top of Message window.

If you have a STEAM version then try to VERIFY LOCAL FILES

and if possible
Did you get an error message or Debugger pop up? Post the screen shot.
Did it just Crash to Desktop (CTD)?
Is there an entry in your EVENT VIEWER either System or Application log?
Hi, I have the retail version of Port Royale 3 gold edition and the version is 1.3.2 30048.
This was running sweetly on my windows 7 64bit professional os, but now that I have updated to Windows 10 everything is fine except for the sea chart where all the little ships are jerking their way across the sea.
I have a 3.0ghz core 2 quad processor 16 gb ram and a radeon R9 Toxic graphics card.
Does anybody know what I have to tweak to get the smooth running back please.
Thank you.
i would guess...waiting for a "better" graphic driver...
sounds like a bad joke, i know.
Win 10 is too fresh and also the drivers are not optimized so far.

the only thing could be DirectX 9...does it still run with Win 10?
reinstalling the game, DirectX9.0c are the only things i would do...
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Make sure you have the latest drivers loaded - see link below - it says there is a driver for Windows 10 but I can't auto detect because I have a different card.


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