Previews for DARK
Hi all,

last week we invited the press to take a closer look at DARK, our upcoming Stealth-Action-Game for PC and Xbox 360. As a result there are several previews coming up.

Here they are:

Gaming Shogun -

"With its unique theme and own taste on the third person action game Kalypso has taken us out of the dark wondering what to expect and instead given us great expectations of the game to come."

Gaming Nexus -

"...DARK could be one of the early sleeper titles to pick up in the first quarter of 2013."

Digital Entertainment News -

"Dark looks (and plays) like a difficult but fun stealth action RPG. The voice over work is being recorded in a few weeks, and there is still plenty of work to be done before the game’s release next year, but this is a game to certainly keep on your radar."

Toronto Thumbs

"...for all the polish that’s required, there’s a compelling system at its core, so I’ll remain optimistic that the twenty-man team at Realmforge can pull it all together before the game’s launch in April."

Examiner -

Stealth, pure stealth, none of this half assed crap like Dishonored, these vampires are killers, and they mean business. They don’t sparkle and their #1 priority is not to have a girlfriend. DARK is doing a lot of things right, for an indie title, it hold the potential to compete with AAA games. Time will tell of course."

GamesRadar's video walkthrough -

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