AI accuracy compared to mercs
So, after playing the game some I've noticed one incredibly annoying thing - the AI effin' snipes with machine guns while Raven, supposedly a dedicated sniper with 90!!!! accuracy, can't hit the friggin broadside of a barn despite her using a decent sniper rifle plus optics. Wtf is that all about? Yep, this is a ragepost indeed - but it comes with a question: Is there ANYWHERE, an ini file perhaps, where I can change this so the AI is more human and mercs are not such colossal morons?

Edit: Notice please - the AI is firing SALVOS, not single shots, when sniping ^^ ... something that supposedly reduces accuracy for mercs on the player's team. Who in his right mind programs this type of balance and gives it the seal of approval? Someone named Retard McSpackypants perhaps? Devs who want to make a real time strategy game should also be capable of doing so in my opinion, and the guys who made this game are very obviously not. It is clear they HAD to enforce these cheap and unfair advantages for the AI, which is otherwise completely boneheaded, so as to provide at least a BIT of a challenge (an incredibly redundant and annoying challenge that is). It's a fun game overall, but really - never EVER let the devs of Back in Action touch the franchise again. They may be able to make games like Tropico, but they completely suck at rts/turn based and that, imo, is the bottom line.
I find it incredibly amusing how no one from Kalypso bothers to reply to my post - it's quite telling actually. Now, after checking online the sh**storm that you and Bitcomposer in particular (on their own forums no less) went through was nuts and I understand that at one point, publishers and dev teams have to move on. But when even after patch 1.13g the AI spots you when it shouldn't because it can look further than any of your guys ever will, when the numbers of AI in towns grow and grow yet the top mercs keep refusing to sign up even after 22 days have passed ingame, when this and a LOT of other stuff (including ofc the cheating AI) goes bonkers after so many patches, then I have to say that the entire design of this game is flawed.

Now, let's look at Bitcomposer themselves - I signed up to their forums I think ... a week ago? I am to THIS DAY waiting to get my account confirmed by some moderator. One week for a forum confirmation - that's so utterly over the top ridiculous it stops being funny - but I find that to be quite in line to their standards of game design. Yes it would sicken me if Jagged Alliance as a franchise died, but it would sicken me even more if you guys make another abomination like you already did.

I feel like I must even apologize to Kalypso guys here for my rants, but I have to vent my frustration as a JA fan AND a paying customer somewhere and the obviously inept moderators on BC's own forum can't tell their arse from their head, henceforth this is my only chance to post about the game on an official site.

Then lets have a look at the genius decision that was made - turn based is dead. LOL! I guess Firaxis would tell you otherwise ... also, tons of JA fans would do exactly the same. All us old school JA fans haven't magically disappeared off the face of the planet you know ^^ ... in fact, many still play the original games today. XCom EU sold a LOT of units ... but sure, turn based is dead. What were you guys, BC, Kalypso etc, gonna create here? A game to rival Starcraft 2 or the Total War series in sales? Right, you weren't because you couldn't possibly outsell those games and even OPENLY admitted this is a niche market you're in. A niche market that has a bunch of guys playing turn based games, in actual fact. The same kind of niche market that keeps Paradox Entertainment afloat ... but ofc, according to some genius turn based is dead ^^. Incidentally, you've designed past almost everybody - for hardcore JA fans, the game is ... well, simply NOT JA and for everybody else, sorry to tell you - there are just simply better strategy games out there than BiA where at least SOMEONE was skilled enough to program an AI that doesn't have to cheat ^^.

Overall, BiA isn't even an outragiously bad game - it's just outragiously unfair, it contains completely idiotic design decisions and has been made by guys who should stay well clear of games like it because they can very obviously not properly make a game that does the franchise justice. They just can't! See I've been in bands for more than 16 years, with record deal and tours and such - making music and games are insofar similar as they're more than about just making money, it's also a form of art. But I can't see none of that in BiA, nothing. It's like 'Oh well, we can't make a better AI than what we have, so we gotta make it so that the AI cheats to have a chance.' ... that, tbh, is not even trying but at the core a slap in the face of every gamer because it's f***ing CHEAP.

I've written much more about this than I probably should have, but I simply had to put thoughts to keyboard on this topic. Fact is, if anyone responsible for this game really thinks it's the best they can do, they should perhaps look for another job.
I hear you brother. You have my full support.

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