Play T1 & T2 on 64 bit computer
An old timer from the Cafe told me that he can not play T1 or T2 on his brand new 64 bit computer. He knows of "Dos Box" - but they haven't caught up to what he has.

I thought Windows itself made provision for backward compatability.

I'm hoping someone here can provide some helpful words of explanation.

I just tried both Tropico 1 and 2 on a 64bit Windows 7 and they both work fine, not even using any compatibility options. It may be helpful to know what exactly the problem is that he's having. Being Windows 95-era games, neither Tropico 1 nor 2 will work with an emulator like Dosbox.
Thank you very much Timo.

I was afraid of this. I'll try again with him. As I said, he is an old timer -- read geezer like me. So sometimes signals are not really clear.

WinkBig Grin
Latest news: He has Windows 8 on his new computer. He has several older games that he is going to try again; a more thorough check out.

So, we'll see.
He says he feels a little foolish because T2 loaded up just fine.

It's Lords of the Realm 2 and Warcraft 2 that still won't load.

So he's happy to begin learning to play Pirate Cove - again.

I play on Vista 64, and have yet to find a single game that won't run on it.. (many games i play are from 98-2002)

I do hear one game i own, that i haven't tried wont work, It is the old Vampire "blood lines"

that said, Some games you need to add compatibility settings. Perhaps win 8 you need to do that..

I think you goto the EXE file, under properties, You can set things up to run under win 2k, or XP compatibility. Older games you can force run into low resolutions, or even 256 colors as well.

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