Dark Feedback
Dark is the best stealth game out there with crappy graphics.

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Bosses 1/10
RPG skill elements 10/10
RPG dialogue 1/10 [did not have any effect on the main story]
Graphics 2/10

Anyway it is still the best stealth game. I hope Dark 2 gets awesome graphics and better fighting mechanics for bosses. And better dialogues and more side quest.

I will be willing to donate for kickstarters and I really hope you guys do a kickstarter for Dark 2. Please dont remove Star Wars Force Choke skill in Dark 2. Its the best skills ever.


Game spot gives Dark 3.5

Guys you need better graphics. You cant compete with games like Assasins creed, Crysis, cod, battlefield and so on.
Modern gaming is all about graphics. You seriously need a new graphic engine. Its so sad to see a good gaming company that makes so good games lose potential buyers cause of crappy graphics.

Because of bad reviews you are losing customers. And the reviews comes from crappy graphics. Every reviewers are fixed on good graphics. If you can achieve awesome graphics for Dark 2. Then it will be the best stealth game ever.
I disagree about the Graphics and the RPG dialogue, I liked those
(03-08-2013, 10:15 PM)GangstaDude Wrote: I disagree about the Graphics and the RPG dialogue, I liked those

Try playing RPG like
1. Star Wars knights of the old republic
2. Star Wars Knight of the old republic 2
3. Mass Effect 1,2,3
4. Dragon Age
5. Dragon Age 2
6. The Witcher
7. The Witcher 2

Dark is a good game but graphics sucks compared to the games above. And RPG dialogue had 00000 effect on the game. Dark developers needs more money. A kickstarter is the solution. If they can gather about 1 million USD. I think Dark 2 should be a open world RPG game. Kalypso needs better investor support or a crowd funding.

I dont wanna be a jerk but graphics plays a big part in games now. This is 2013 and not 1990. If Dark were released in year 2000 or 2002 it would be a hit and get good reviews. You guys at kalypso are so old school. You have games with amazing gameplay and average graphic. You tried to add RPG elements such as dialogue that has no effect on the main story. If you adds RPG elements then it has to be atleast a interactive open world game.

Just look at this graphic. You guys at kalypso has to compete with this modern graphic.

You guys at kalypso definitely knows how to make a good game with gameplay. But Graphics and RPG elements are something you dont have success with in the game. Dialogue needs side quest that affects the main story progression. Every choice on side quest and main quest you make has to have a consequence to the main story and how it develops. For example you kill a vampire Lord but the vampire Lords lover kills your friends for example. Choices and consequences people. Thats how RPG works.

Just look at Mass Effect. It got awesome graphics + awesome gameplay + many side quest + Many RPG dialogue and skills.

I know you guys at Kalypso can be succesfull. You need more money. You cant continue making good games with low funding. You need $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for good graphics and more employers.

I just really hope you guys dont go bankrupt as

That would be really sad.

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