Seems like people arent happy with the game
Alot of people arent happy with the game.

Quote:'s that bad. I take that back; it's not bad - it's just not that good. I first heard about this game last year during the press conference at E3. I was intrigued by the concept since I'm a big stealth action gamer. But I was also hesitant when I found out that the publisher behind the game was no other than Kalypso Media. For those not in the know, Kalypso Media are the same goons that published the god-awful Legends of Pegasus. A game that flopped more times than Steven Seagal's career. The developer of the game, RealForge somehow managed to bring out a mediocre game at best. It's like they were all hyped up in the beginning, then got bored during the middle and the end.

The story of Dark is as mediocre and average at best. The main character suffers from amnesia and is left to wander and free roam around a area called Sanctuary. How generic and boring is that? I mean this story line has been done and told to about what? a thousand times already?

I'm seriously pissed that I wasted my money on this piece of crap. Even if they gave this turd away, it wouldn't even be worth the shipping cost or the time it would take to email the serial key.

Please walawalagames DO NOT EVER choose DARK as your free giveaway --- EVER!!

Sorry just needing to vent after throwing money down the toilet. >Sad

I like the game

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