why does it always feel like the staff just ignores us on the international forums?
If your making a game/dlc and you're not responsive to the community, then why should we even bother to buy/care.
Hi there!

Sorry to hear you did not get an answer. What game and what DLC are you talking about?

Many greetings,
according to his latest posts i would guess Tropico 4...
I was wondering when tropic 4 latest dlc "Propaganda" is available to other retailers (aside from launcher and steam), I managed to get a copy of it from a link (gamersgate) given by one of the other users. Normally I purchase from the Kalypso (gamesplanet) because it is the default shop from the Kalypso site.

What I want to know is when future DLC's for video games (port royale 3 and Tropico 4) are going to be available to buy on other retailers (I did not buy the digital version, so I have to use the online stores [non-steam] for dlc). Frankly announcing that a game is available for steam/xbox live/launcher isn't enough.

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