Mouse settings?
Why in the world have you forced your own left and right mouse button settings instead of taking what the player has set in Windows?

I've recently lost use of my right hand (about 85% paralyzed) so I've got to use the mouse in my left hand, which means switching the buttons as well so that the right mouse button is now my left mouse button and my left mouse button is now my right mouse button, with this switch to the mouse buttons I can actually play some games.

However, I open up your game today for the first time in a long time and try to play and find that the mouse buttons are switch back to what they would normally be on a mouse totally disregarding how I have my mouse button set up in Windows and in the Logitech control panel.

Why have you done this? What can I do to change this so that I can use my own settings and still play this game?
Hmm, not sure if the Windows setting is supposed to carry over to games (which sometimes use a very different control scheme). Have you tried reversing the mouse buttons on a driver level?
Well of the other 250+ games that I own on steam all of them accept the mouse settings that I have set up in the Logitech control panel to where the buttons are reversed.

Where would I find the ability to reverse the mouse buttons on a driver level?
To be honest, I don't have a clue. Development for this game was led by our co-publishing partner Bitcomposer, they have their support forums located here:

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