New Clan Saga/Campaign for D2 ROE - Invocation
This is a Clan campaign for Disciples 2 Rise of the Elves (gold). It contains 7 quests. Quests are listed below with leader level then map size after that.

New Beginning -Leader 1 Map 72x72
Fissures of Fire -Leader 3 Map 96x96
The Cleansing -Leader 5 Map 48x48
Mountaineering -Leader 7 Map 120x120
Free Souls -Leader 9 Map 96x96
Wotan's Scroll -Leader 11 Map 144x144
Invocation -Leader 13 Map 48x48

extract the rar file. Place the invocation.csg file into your campaign folder of your ROE D2 game. You can use WINRAR to extract the file. When you start your game look for Invocation under Custom Sagas. Hopefully some of you D2 fans will try it out. Its as long as the original Dwarve Saga and more challenging.

Link is here:
Clan D2 saga

Link to single Undead Mission that parallels Clan Saga here:
Single Undead Mission - King of the Hill

Place single mission in Exports folder of game.

I can post pics later if anyone is interested. This was a labor of love over several weeks. I really missed the Clans and I feel the saga I created really has the feel of the dwarves. It contains a lot of text panels with an evolving story. Dust off your Disciples 2 ROE game and Enjoy! Or as I prefer...for WOTAN!

Ok added pictures from the map editor. Any blue squares don't appear in game.
I have already downloaded it! Please, edit the OP with some screenshots!

Uh, what is the meaning of "ROE"?
probably Rise of (the) Elves? Wink
Yes, Rise of Elves. This was inspired by you Pepita. You started a trend. Smile Pics added.

I may do a 3 mission expansion to this Saga while the creative juices are still flowing.
Thanks for the clarification!
I asked because here in Italy we mostly know D2 saga as "Disciples 2: Anthology", which includes the three expansion packs, so I did not know what ROE meant Smile
Thanks for the screenshots too!
I did a mission for the Undead that parallels the clan Saga I made. Link is below, this is 1 mission only, playable by the Undead. Its very tough, over 100 turns on a 48x48 map in testing and I know what the triggers are. That is without clearing the map. Mission is titled 'King of the Hill'

It has a very tough ending, and is a slug fest throughout as there are 2 AI opponents at medium AI settings on a small map. I think all the original missions only had 1 AI opponent on any 48x48 size map. Your original hero must survive to complete this quest.

KIng of the Hill - Undead mission

To install single missions. Place the file into your exports folder of your game. Upon starting the game, select 'New Missions', then scroll down and select 'King of the Hill'.

If anyone is interested, I all but completed a new 6 mission saga for the Undead in disciples 2. Only I haven't done the map descriptions or briefings. That part is just window dressing. Then just have to add the 6 missions together. If anyone wants to try out the Undead Saga let me know and I can post it. Maybe I could even add a brief description. Otherwise I just got Reincarnation and will be mostly into that for awhile.

Regarding the Clan Saga I posted. Mission 5 in that may be too tough. If anyone makes it that far, let me know how it goes.
Minor spoiler to mission 4, Mountaineering of the Clan saga. That mission has a Old Norse wedding that is actually based on how weddings were done back then. I researched Norse weddings online. Also you will find out where a term related to weddings originated from by playing Mountaineering. Trying to make the game educational as well.
Has anyone played through this? I have started playing D2 again after not playing it in maybe 3 years. Would be nice to get some feedback as I may put out a 'tips' readme for this campaign. Fixing a few minor terrain issues. Not an issue really, just a few mountain passes that can be traveled look like solid mountains. I am adjusting them so that any mountain passes are visible to the player.

I found the town in mission 2 in the upper right corner of the map is not accessible. Its no biggie as the only loot there is a potion and the town is not a mission objective. I will be updating the files with these minor fixes.

Some background. The saga tends to be harder than the stock Clans one. I wanted to make a saga for my favorite race that takes quite a bit of time to play through, and is challenging. I play it with a guild leader on very hard level. One tip on the 2nd mission, you don't have to clear the whole map. The objectives are near the top left corner. If desired, once your party is strong enough, you can do the objectives and move on to mission 3. Mission 3 is probably the best one of the entire saga. I maybe should have made that mission the first one.

If you decide to clear the 2nd map, it will take around 200 turns to do so. Its a 96x96 map with a lot of tough stacks, but there are also magic shops with spells that you can get to help towards the end. You get a couple helper leaders in mission 2 and there is still plenty of work for all the leaders. I always enjoyed missions where you could build up several strong leaders to hold towns or hot spots down. Mission 2 has active demons, empire and undead opponents. Lots of potential XP.

Storyline...... Much of the story is everyday banter between warriors with some sarcasm and humor thrown in. Sort of like every day life in a pub or on the battlefield for a clansman. Its pretty straight forward, as that is how I perceive the clans outlook on the world to be.

Back in 2013 I had basically finished a 3 mission saga for the Undead. The last 2 missions still need an opening description, so the missions haevn't been combined yet. Hopefully I can find the time to write those up and combine them. Maybe add another mission for a new Undead saga.

Playing the Invocation Saga was a blast because I had forgotten all the triggers and maps, so its like brand new again. I got killed on map one twice and killed on map two 3 times. Which is kind of refreshing because I know the original sagas so well that they had gotten a bit boring.
I'm on mission 4 now. About 240 turns into it. I came to a very hard spot that I had forgotten how I set it up. Its so difficult that I will do a brief walk through below.

SPOILER ALERT BELOW for mission 4 (getting past the Golem that blocks the Mountain pass)

Once you kill the dragon, the golem will 'come to life' Bring the dragon eye with your main stack to where the pass is open. Do not attack the golem. Bringing the eye to the pass will clear the golem. Now comes the really hard part. Save the game here! Its best to just wait for the 1st demon stack to come through the pass on the next turn. Have a couple thieves to stop the demon from attacking your main stack directly. Now take this stack out. It is hard but nothing like the next one.

The demon stack on the other side of the pass is stationary. Its a monster stack. Until its taken out, any unit you take through the pass will have a spell placed on it that removes all move points. Using the haste spell won't help because your stack will read 0/0 move points. The demon stack will attack you on its next turn. To see what I mean, first send a thieve or 2 next to this demon and watch what happens.

Here is what you need to do. The turn you get froze next to it, give your stack all the helper spells, give the demon spell all the negative spells. You should save the best damage reduction and % miss spells for this stack. You ALSO need to use all the defense bonus potions and strength potions on your stack. One of the demons does 190 fire blister to adjacent targets. There are 2 fire ward potions in a shop in the lower left corner of the map. This is the best time to use those on 2 of your front units. You should have your armor at 70-90% if possible.

 Get all the spells from the magic shop next to the dragon. Well technically, at this point you won't have access to elf mana, or demon mana. So those you can get later, but get the spells that use death, life and clan mana for sure.

This map has many spawns. You will eventually get 2 helper leaders at various points. You need to have 4 decent stacks built up to 'manage' the map and protect resources. This is in addition to your main stack.
Finished mission 4 in around 370 intense turns. Its the hardest mission I have seen for D2.

I started mission 5 and decided that it is too tough. Especially after the long mission 4 map. It starts out similar to the Disciples 1 game. Every mine is contested and your like 60 missions in an nothing is really settled. Then I made the roamers a bit too strong. Then a Golem that paralyzes starts roaming about 70 turns too soon.

I know I made it through this once or twice but everything has to fall just perfect. Will be toning it down. The first 4 missions were balanced well, this one needs more play through. I recall missions 6 and 7 to be decent again.

Here are changes made so far:
  • The helper Rod planter will have a leadership of 5 instead of 4. He will come able to wear boots and there will be a pair in the capitol.
  • You now lose the mission if the Starting Rod Planter dies. This makes it harder but other changes will ease that.
  • Main roaming stack starts about 70 turns later. This is a big help.
  • Lowered level of some early Undead leaders so thieves have about 50-60% chance to poison instead of 35%.
  • Spider roamers now less powerful.
  • Added a few more resources on the south where they don't get so much pressure from AI.
  • Weakened the main golem, less HP, damage and chance to hit.
  • A banner and a few more potions in the capitol for the rod planter to wear.
Here is an updated single Free Souls mission with all 'fixes'. Mission 5 of Custom Clans Saga
To play the mission, copy it into the exports folder. Load game, select single player, then new mission. Select the Free Souls (custom) mission. Enjoy!

It turns out that in my saga, for mission 5, I hadn't put in the conditions to win. So you can't get off the map. I know I had finished mission 5, but I must have used the wrong file version when I compiled the saga. Missions 1-4 for the Saga will all allow you to advance but you can't get to mission 6.

For now I am uploaded mission 5 (Free Souls) by itself. You start with a level 9 leader that you get to choose his skills for. There is also equipment to wear in the capitol based on what he would have after mission 4.

I test this mission with a level 9 archer leader with leadership of 4. He can equip artifacts, banners, and boots. Has 20% armor and 20% hit point skills (forget what they are called) Can see further into the fog. When he got lvl 10 I gave him might.

It takes a couple weeks of play throughs to get a 96x96 map 'balanced' Mission 5 was the one mission I sort of ran out of time on back in 2013. I spent about another week balancing. Too many changes to list. Its now fun... was too tough before. It still can be hard until you learn the map. Play varies because it has active Undead, Legions and Elves and their alliances vary from game to game. My last play through, the elves were at war with the Legions the entire time and allied with the Clans. Doesn't always play that way.

I likely won't have time to polish missions 6 or 7. Maybe next year I can spend a week or 2 and get those added into an updated 7 mission saga. For now you can use the saga file to play missions 1-4, then the Free Soul file to play mission 5.
The stand alone mission 'Wotan's Scroll' is available here: Stand alone clan mission
This will be the 6th mission in the Saga. Its all ready to play as stand alone. Leader starts at level 11 with max level of 13. The map is 144x144. That map size is 9 times larger than the smallest 48x48 size. Lots to explore in this one. Takes a long time to set up a 144x144 map. I doubt I ever do another that size. :Tongue  96x96 is usually my attention span level.

Mission 7 is a 48x48 map. Those can be a challenge also, to get everything you need to fit into it.
The stand alone mission 7 is available  Clan mission Invocation
Leader starts at level 13 and maxes out at 15. Map size is 48x48. It plays similar to the 3rd Elf's mission from their saga. At least at the beginning.
I added a few more triggers since I play tested it. I played it in 95 turns but it likely would play in about 110 to 115 turns now.

Mission 7 was meant to be the end of my Clan saga. However, I have decided to begin work on an 8th mission. Invocation wrapped up the story line so I have to come up with a small story that will play out in a single mission. Mission 8 will begin with a level 16 leader. The higher the leader, the tougher it gets to balance play.
Mission 8 will be on a 96x96 map. The plot will be about finding who is behind an assassination. A sort of murder mystery take on Disciples. It will have a timed aspect to it. So many turns to reach a specific objective. Likely this timed aspect will only be about the first 1/3rd of game play.

Other missions have a sort of timed aspect. However, as far as I can remember, its like you have x # of turns before reinforcement arrives.  Generally by the time the deadline arrives. your main stack is strong enough to simply use the enemy reinforcements to level. I plan on having a mission failed deadline if the objective isn't reached in x # of turns. Its a way of making the mission harder and you will likely need to replay several times to find the most effective way to level , plus the best pathway.

The 2nd half of the game I am considering having the AI ally with the player against a neutral race. Perhaps Orcs or Barbarians. So it would be heavily scripted. Much more than my previous missions. Haven't finalized the 2nd half. About 40% of the mission is completed already.
Here is a WIP of mission 8 for Clans. WIP for mission 8 Clans
You can play this mission to about turn 95. Only the 1st 1/3rd is finished. I have tested the 'timed' quest as a guildmaster (archer leader) It needs to be tested with a mage lord and a warrior leader. TO make sure that the 71 day deadline for the 1st quest is doable by all leaders. There is a work around to save 5 turns and a short cut around stacks that will also save 5 turns. My 3rd time through I completed the quest by turn 73, so I made turn 78 the deadline.

Not knowing the map it should take you 4 -6 play partials throughs to see what works the best. Again its a WIP so you can't get off the map and the west side of the map has not been populated yet.
Mission 8 final release
Above link is for the finished version of Mission 8. Map size 96x96. Leader starts at level 15. It is for the Clans only. All that is left is to compile all 8 update missions into one huge 8 mission Clan saga.

The appeal for me in playing the original campaigns over and over again, is to get through an entire Saga without ever losing the main hero. However, once all triggers are known, the challenge starts to fall away. So I wanted to bring the challenge back with a new Saga as long as the original. I may know the triggers right after I make the maps, but in a couple years I will have forgotten them. Then its fun to replay the saga. I think you will find after my updates that the Saga maps are as well done as the originals. At least trigger wise, and the amount of quests to perform, plus variety of parties.

I should have the Saga compiled after Xmas. Have to remember to remove all the artifacts and banners from the beginning capitols. Thoise are there to equip the leader when it is a solo mission.
I have begun work on mission 9 for the Clan Saga. It will be on a 144x144 map. Taking place in the 'wilderness' may only have 1 city plus capitols. Want to test this out and see how it works. Level 16 leaders have lots of movement points, so it might work alright. There will be health banners to help heal and more potions in shops than usual. The mission is called 'Rogue Regime'

Couple of early screens below:

Its here! the complete new 9 mission custom saga. Rogue Regime Custom saga
This is for Rise of Elves gold. Place the Rogue Regime.csg file into your Disciples 2 Elves Gold/Campaign folder. When you start the game; select 'single player', then 'New Custom Saga', then 'Rogue Regime'.

The first 7 missions are the same as from the Invocation Saga. I just added 2 missions at the end and renamed the saga for the last mission. All the previous missions have been improved in balance. The single mission 'Peace at Last' that I posted as a WIP has had the gaps in the main mountain range plugged as intended so the strong AI units don't come too soon.

Missions in order are:
New Beginning - leader level 1 - 72x72 map
Fissures of Fire - leader level 3 - 96x96 map
The Cleansing - leader level 5 - 48x48 map - tons of non stop action on a small map
Mountaineering - leader level 7 - 120x120 map - This is my personal favorite mission
Free Souls - leader 9 - 96x96 map - you begin in the map center on this one
Wotan's Scroll - leader 11 - 144x144 This one takes awhile to play
Invocation - leader 13 - 48x48 map
Peace at Last - leader 15 - 96x96 map
Rogue Regime - leader 16 - 144x144 map

Many of the missions (most actually) have helper leaders that are strong enough to hold key towns (not strong enough to be the main leader though)

Forgot to say that this saga is for the Mountain Clans only. My favorite Disciples race, well maybe tied with the Elves and Undead now. First race I played in Disciples was Clans so I always go back to them.
I am playing through the 9 mission Clan quest from start to finish again. Currently in the 2nd mission. Missions 2 and 5 have the Clans starting in the middle of the map.  Maps that start in the middle tend to play out quite differently when replayed. The main enemy boss can come from any direction. Sometimes you might face a main roaming boss by turn 20. Other replays you might not face it until turn 45.

I found an old mission I had done that was meant to be the 8th Clan mission. Since I did 2 new Clan missions for their 9 mission campaign, I may convert that old mission to the Undead. I found 4 missions meant for an Undead campaign that I did about 5 years ago. I think only one of those was completely done and tested. So I will test the other 3 and tweak them into a new Undead Campaign.

When I am further along on the undead project I'll start a new thread for it. Have to pick out a name for their campaign. It will mirror the Clan campaign through the first 4 missions. Since so much time has passed since I wrote the Clan campaign, I think missions 5-7 for the Undead will have a new story line.

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