hi i bought DARk on steam but didnt get a email sent telling me how to make a DARk acount . i didnt get the cd key ether um i cant play the game because i cant register or anythign when i lauch the game it just comes up kalypso laucher 2 game ads and a email and password box but no register butten or skip butten . plz help i want ot play this game so bad but cant?
Make a kaylpso account.. which seeing you posted, you have..

Start steam, and then click on the game, one of the links on the tab that pops up will have a link to your key.. get key, or properties or something.. It is there some place..

Start the launcher, Log in, and add the key...
I put in my calypso email and password still says wrong log in I look all in porperties I still cant find my cd key or anything to registaer for a calypso account this is a forum account not a calypso account?? help cant you help me like send me some newer calypso launcher I seen one that has a register butte non it from the steam forums??
Step 1: install the game on steam

Step 2: right click on the title of the game, A pop-up box should open, and in that list, there should be a tab that says, CD key, just click on that, then copy/paste and you should be good to go

As for your kaylpso account, like i mentioned, the forum account, i'm pretty sure is your kaylpso account. It is for mine anyway..

Now, you could be having an issue with the launcher, and your screen resolution size. I hear about this especially on lap-tops. Some times you need to resize the screen to see the Add key, or log in options.

If all that fails, I would suggest contacting, support@kaylpsomedia.com

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