Omerta Update/DLC Idee - "Pate Idee"
Hello Guys!

I have a big Idea for Omerta witch makes Omerta nicer.

Check out me Idea and tell me what you think about it!

" Omerta - City of Gangsters family / sponsor Upadte "

Build your own mafia family and I will sponsor your Mafia family !

1 ) "Big Sandbox Map - Atlantic City " or more districts from the game * !
* Cool would be if you in the sandbox can select mode on the map all the districts .
2 ) More gangster images for your character
3 ) Always newly emerging gangs which operate independently and to attack .
that is, Once you have defeated a transition , one gets after about 1 day, the message :
"A new gang is trying to settle in your area"
4 ) Opponents gear selection in sandbox mode :
The scenario is a drop down menu you can choose the Enemy transition .
for example . Sicilian transitional or Japanese gear.
5 ) Pate / family extension info: opportunity for advancement to the Mafia godfather !
At a certain level appears when the main character in character details
the button " family " (see Boss character details screen) which means you
went up to Pate . If you click on this you get to the families view
where you can edit it. By clicking on one of these fields can be determined
who should be in any postion .
From families view you can then put together a campaign team .
" For Sub- bosses , one can take for example Mastermind , for example, then Capos Crooks / Crook for the Buttons then Killers and Thieves.
Thus, the possibility exists that you can make different teams in the family together . "
6 ) active police officers and police cars on the map (not only in sandbox mode )
7 ) More opportunity shops to open in the sandbox folders ( makes it free games more intresanter ) !
8 ) allowing the name change in the Multiplayer mode and Sandbox mode !
9 ) More equipment option : First weapon and Second weapon
10 ) Improve mechanics of hostile takeovers own businesses :
e.g. a tactical battle between the attackers and the guards !
11 ) Atlantic City Sandbox Multiplayer Map for the MP range !


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