Relationship between Publisher and Developer.
I'm just a bit inquisitive about the relationship between the people who supply the resources, and the people who create the valuable product (video game).

Here in the States, we see of major publishers (recently/primarily) EA, who has been rushing their products, touting their product as high quality, fully functional (no CTD/memory errors) at the same time shutting down studios that can be fully competent at releasing a game.

Yet before I even consider jumping on the bandwagon of anti-publisher hatred, I've noticed a pattern in the industry. Critics blame everyone, even one another. Users blame everyone in the companies (publishers + developers), Marketers blame developers, developers blame publishers, and Publishers blame either marketers, developers, console publishers, video game engine publishers, or retailers.

This looks like a signal to me that there is a VERY bad Enterprise Resource Planning Network + a VERY bad Customer Relationship Management Network in place. Because there seems to be a lack of productive communication between management, customers, and developers.

My thoughts from a consumer perspective:
Developers fear to ask for more time and money, because they fear they will go bankrupt if they don't rush it, or their project will be delayed and hurt the both developer's and publisher's bottom line.

Publishers may fear the idea of overspending resources into a developer they don't perceive to have "tenure", and result in releasing a product that did not reach a target financial goal. This makes perfect sense to me, more experienced staff = more efficient productivity = better game = more money.

But I've seen a decline recently in creativity and innovation on game play mechanics, on a large multitudes of game franchises (very guilty of doing this), genres, or new releases.

That being said I don't see this as a bad thing, but the lack of new ideas, and features that enhance the experience of the video game greatly concerns me as a consumer for these reasons:

1. I want my game to have more features, have high graphical qualities and run smoothly

2. I want newer interesting ideas, gradually introduced in video games I buy.

When I ask myself "why is there a decline in creativity/innovation?"
I end with the conclusion that developers have ideas, but don't know how to financially engage.

But... then again could it be internal publisher favoritism rather than a singular objective on both the publisher and developer without too much regard for financial risk (more risk)?

So what exactly is the relationship between publishers and developers? And in what meaningful way can us consumers, aid in the creative process? (NOT to tell people to pre-order, consumers will bash both companies in the face/or sell out and not be productive in aiding creative process)

I know many critics have said it is a terrible idea to ask/poll in public, but my retort would be "who is going to pay for all this at release at the end of the quarters balance sheet? Non-consumers!?"

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