a forum users question
hi fellow forum user i have a sort of question about what you would do if in real life a pure* russian women with supporters succeed in restoring the old days of USSR and she succeed in making it powerfull both economy and military** and huge numbers of countrys join hers USSR even members of NATO who leave NATO and join up with USSR.

and when she started her rebellion or revoltion as some call it the News media was caught off guard and in live news armed pepole and soldiers storm both the media and the seat of power (not in the US)

and for pepole wondering EU gets sort of anexed in the rebellion and join the USSR

*= with pure i mean a women whos parents(familytree) have live in Russia all the way even before Russia become Russia and her grandparents was members of the sovjet unions armed forces and even some was members of KBG

**= which also involves research both civilian (medicine too) and military

and please try to keep a bit of civilty when answering and dont call me a commie it wont make you more right if you do.

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