Patch 1.02 online
Hi everybody!

Hope you all had a good start into the new year! Thank you all very much for your interest in Racing Manager 2014 and the in-depth feedback that so much of you gave us. We are very sorry that some of you have encountered bugs within the game and we are working feverishly to eradicate them and make the game better. We are only a small team but we do our best.

We have just released a new patch that elevates the game to version 1.02 and brings the following improvements:

Racing Manager 2014 - Patch 1.02

- Fixed Bug: Some players had reported missing content once they made it to the second season. This should be fixed.
- Fixed Bug: Firing a dedicated race engineer did not remove him from the driver
- Fixed Bug: Handling and weight reduction is now displayed correctly in wind canal
- Fixed Bug: Handling and weight reduction by passive technologies is now correctly calculated in races
- Fixed Bug: There were wrong acceleration values of certain cars
- Fixed Bug: Increased lap times of Canada and Spain
- Fixed Bug: Some cars drove more laps but had worse positions
- Fixed Bug: Cars that made it past the finish line should now no longer loose their position
- Fixed Bug: Eliminated certain freezes at the start of a race
- Fixed Bug: The price of the merchandise stickers is no longer reduced to 0 on game startup
- Fixed Bug: Technology selection in the tech tree should now work better
- New Feature: The race monitor now displays cars that have crossed the finish line as "TAR"
- New Feature: Icons in the calender are now animated

Please let us know if these fixes work for you and what areas we should concentrate on next.

Many greetings,
How to check what version do I have, and where to get the latest patches if necessary?

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