The Japanese Incentive
ZERO discussion of this latest DLC? Nothing Good? Nothing Bad? Nothing worth talking about?
I have bought this but haven't actually played through another game yet. In fact I think shortly I'm going to go back over my post on Omerta and Beyond and try to get together a clearer summary of what I'd like to see. Looking around these forums and just guessing that looks like things are winding down with Omerta and perhaps they're starting to think about Omerta 2.

I guess I should play through a game with the new content first though so I can get a clear idea of whats changed, likes/dislikes.
Well, it's an entirely new campaign... separate from the main story. So you'll have to start a new game, I haven't finished it yet but can already tell you that it's a little more linear than the original. While the original game was more or less linear, missions all have to be played in order in this one.

A new element is the rival gangs, now you compete against a rival AI gang in most missions, buying shops before you and taking over yours. Probably my most disliked addition to the game, so now you really have to race against the clock to get enough money to protect your joins so you don't lose them while still trying to carry out your usual mission objectives to finish a level.

But the new story is interesting enough to go through, we now have a couple new gang members we can recruit, and a couple new weapon types have been introduced into the game with this campaign in the form of the flame thrower and machine guns.

I enjoyed the original game and could never find a multiplayer game when I wanted to so it's great for adding a bit more life to an already good game.
I think it's great. My only difficulties have been my in-ability to use machine guns (locks up the game during the combat sequence) and my total in-ability to get past Pacific Avenue. With the heat on bad and limited resources, I just can't get anywhere before I'm out of options regarding an investigation and lose. Does anybody have a strategy for Pacific Avenue they'd care to share? Smile

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