Multiplayer issue
Hey everybody,

i have a little problem with the Multiplayer in Omerta. Me and a friend want to play Omerta in Coop mode. We see each other in the lobby and we both marked as friends to each other. So when we try to connect to each other everything looks fine, means we find each other and we get a connection. But then we can see the overview where the players are listed for round 1,5 secs then we are pushed back to main lobby and get the message that some local data is maybe corrupt or some dlc contect for downloading is missing.

We both have the free dlc "The bulgarian colossus" and the content is shown in the henchmans overview. We try to check local files for corruption and everytime we do that Steam says there is one file which can't be checked and will be downloaded again. After re-download this file we check again and the same message apears. Everytime we do the check the file "InstallScript.vdf" will be deleted and re-downloaded. But the issue is still present and we can't play together.

Hope someone has an idea or better a solution for this issue. We both have the latest version of Omerta (1.0.7) and we don't use any mods or have done some modification to our games.

Hey guys,

so after many things I tried, I finally found the reason for the Multiplayer issue. At the end of the install process of Omerta the Installer willl set Firewall entries for the OmertaSteam.exe but NOT for the AppData.exe which executes the Kalypso Launcher and which is also important for the Multiplayer gaming.

Maybe the entries will be set in the stupid Windows Firewall but not in my security suite which is ESET Smart Security 7.
After adding the AppData.exe in the rules of the Firewall, allowing connection both ways (in-/outgoing) for both protocols (TCP/UDP) the Multiplayer works fine.
Sometimes life can be so easy ^^

So thread can be closed.


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