Software for recording gameplay
I want to make some videos of tropico 4 gameplay and upload it to youtube but Ive been searching for an hour for software and tried several (fraps, hypercam, etc) and none of them work properly. One does not record the game, another puts a "unregistered" on the video, another makes a 4gb video of 2 mins, another this, another that...

Do you know a free program to do this?

Thanks you
Hi - there are many "Free" products available - just do a search on "Free Screen Recording" and you can find dozens.

I've used this one ->

You can choose to leave all the "added links" out of your install.
I would use OBS -

IT was originally designed to stream video, but it includes a local recording option. It also allows you to include other stuff like webcams in the video, and if you eventually decide to stream stuff then it's very simple to get set up.

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