PR 4 coming out?
Just wondering....and if its a YES, will it come out to PS4/X1 as well?
no sorry.
Is Port Royale 4 NEVER coming out, or just no plan to do so as of now?

Simply PR3 updated for the single map for Rise of Venice would be a big improvement, but I'd like to see a version where:

--Captains can be retired to govern player-owned cities
--Alternatively, governors have individual stats that affect different military and economic parameters
--An expanded system for trade with Europe
--There is a campaign with long path to a player-led independence from the major European powers based on economic and naval dominance
We do not know what the future will bring but there will be no PR4 within the next years.
Good suggestions filmstudy!
P5 - 2017
PR4 - 2019
RoV2 - 2021
GA:M2 - 2023
Big Grin
sorry...just kidding
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I am very much looking forward to another installment into the franchise and hope it will be released on XBOX1/PS4. I can only assume that PR3 must not have done to well sales wise or you probably would have already announced a follow up title. It's a shame because these types of games are few and far between.
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Hey, I wish for me a PR4 too.

- the ports/towns like PR3, with more zoom and realy working and walking people.
- people are trade/transport goods, like PR2.
- enter ships like PR2.
- Ship battle like PotBS, with proper tactics, like fix this target, or keep distance of().
- travel open sea like PotBS, with grafik like PR3 port-viewing, but better.
- ship-detail at least like PotBS and a zoom like, that it's worth.
- audio-music ambiente of PR2 was cool, PR3 not the same.
I personally would love to see Port Royale 4. Basically I'd just like to see Port Royale 3 with some major improvements such as warehouse stewards that actually do their jobs and some late game missions. Once you became successful and had millions of gold it really just became a chore to continue taking over towns and building another 8 billion buildings. And of course a complete overhaul of the combat system which was absolutely atrocious.

Maybe a way to actually choose the path of a pirate with the ability to make your own hideout and sell things onto a black market. (the DLC/expansion for that was a horrible implementation).

I wasn't a big fan of Rise of Venice and never bothered to try Grand Ages Medieval (maybe I'll get it when I see it on sale for like $10).

Where as I'd probably slap $50 to $60 down for Port Royale 4, assuming it is more similar to Port Royale 3 than to Rise of Venice.

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